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Monday, May 2, 2011

Trouble. Trouble, trouble trouble

     What is quite possibly a very bad thing happened earlier this morning and the hope that I would someday have something, other than my general good disposition about it all, to show for my time here on this planet dimmed ever so slightly.
     I discovered pinterest and I thought I would never forgive Camilla.  Not the one in the unflattering though in all likelihood comfortable frocks. No, the possibly unforgivable was committed by the Camilla at champagnebubbles
First thought was 
shiney things!  . 
The next thought was 
I'm never going to take over the world at this rate, Pinky.

Dalton Ghetti
There's so much more, but I got tired of trying to choose from all the creativity other people have thrown with such wild abandon. I was on my way to web surfing away the day. Then, as the Universe does, exactly what was needed was given exactly when it was needed, 

and I added a little sugar to my Businessville starter.


  1. this is perfect. I'm going to share with a friend who is trying to write a book and beating herself up for what she perceives to be lack of direction. :)

  2. Justine,
    going forward, I'm going to just figure out which creative outlet I feel most at home with and focus on that like an athlete. Do the work.. etc.
    I'd be curious to know how your friend takes this.

  3. I needed to hear this today, badly. Thanks so much for sharing. I was feeling like a ginormous failure, and he's exactly right. Work harder, don't give up.

  4. oooh i love that first photo. i want a wall like that in my house!

  5. Excellent, excellent quote Trace. Thank you for shifting the focus.

  6. Everybody needs to dive into the ether once in awhile. Good for the soul.

  7. the Ira Glass quote is one of my favorites...I have it pasted to one of my files to remind myself to keep at it while I'm still learning and not very good at what I'm doing....

  8. J,
    I really really think the key isn't harder, it's consistency. Keep doing what you're doing. Keep trusting your "eye". Keep making the thing you love come from inside so the rest of us can see it. Then again it is labor, a lot like giving birth, and that was pretty damn hard come to think of it. Never mind. Work harder! Push! ..but be nice to you.

  9. Jenni,
    What I loved about that it that it was so easy to do. And if you use remnants it's not that expensive either. If you do that to your wall, I'd love to post a photo of it here at cookedheads. It would be a neat illustration of how something that "wasted time" inspired something tangible.

  10. Elsie,
    I agree, but sometimes I find myself starting to pine for my own outlet to be more substantial and that's not going to happen websurfing unless I use what I see to make something good to give away.

  11. Maureen,
    I'd never even heard of Ira Glass until this quote. I would love to know more about what inspires you to create such extraordinary beauty in your life.

  12. I'm the friend the first commenter was talking about. And I love that quote (and your blog!) Those sentiments just might make all the difference in my life. Thank you.

  13. Esperanza,
    I'll make you a deal. You start down your trail and be relentless in following the scent and I'll do the same. Let's compare notes as we go?

  14. Here, here. I second that motion! Creativity is a gift of the spirit. (Thanks for that first link!)

  15. GG,
    You're going to hate me later.. when you look up and hours have gone by. oy. vey.


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