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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Is, If

These are two very small words that are life altering in their differences.  When I think about this in the context of my spiritual training, the word "faith" comes to mind, but not necessarily with positive connotations, at least not immediately.
Immediately, I say, "Faith is credulity."
With that thought processed through what is, ironically, a questioning "faithless" mind, I say, "Faith is knowing."

One  feels very different from the other.  Physically.  The feeling that pervades all my senses when I think the first, is tension.  The feeling with the latter is a very much milder but just as relaxing dilaudid, the unbelievably yummy opiate I had after a surgery. That feeling was almost enough to make me want to stay in the hospital with the dosage button taped down.  It's what addicts seek. It's the sensation that all is well everywhere, and in addition to being found in mind altering substances, it's found in "is", but not if because "is" requires we alter our minds ourselves to shift our perception. That feeling, minus the opiates, requires that we look through the swarm of our own thoughts to see what already exists.  

After all my talk about the color yellow haunting me, I found my way back to "is" in a chartreuse shade of it.  The image below is not a video, but it moves.   It is still. It is moving.  It's all about perspective because everything Is, If you look for it.  Look for the good stuff.


  1. Back in blogland after a two week break, I've just spent ages catching up on all your posts I've missed and being reminded why I like coming here. Now I'm mesmerised by the image above and thinking I might never leave... Thanks for your comments too, on my posts. I'm currently in that strange transitional post-travel place, somewhere between my two vastly different universes of north and south, so pondering the nature of 'is' feels entirely apt!

  2. OMG that image had me a bit confused. I was staring and then I felt lost in it. Ah, uh.

  3. Karen,
    I know you miss the brightness of "most home". I feel that way when I come back to California from Texas and if there were ever two points on the globe far from each other, it's those two. Selfishly, I'm glad you're back to the bloggosphere and since you need it so very very much to proceed, you have my full permission to settle in a few days/weeks before you jump fully into the fray of it all. ;)

  4. Dakota,
    Hahahaha! I know exACTly how you felt. I had to close my eyes for a while to get the entire room to be still after looking at that thing for a while, but it does make the point well. Thank you for being so mesmerized and mesmerizing ;)


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