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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lesa, and what you don't know about her.

Phew.  Lordie,  yesterday hurt my neural nuggets.  I tweet. Not well, but I insist upon getting better, because 140 characters is more than enough for original thought provided that the universe can be explained by meditating on a single leaf. It's a Buddhist thing, I'm too lazy/tired? to find the link. Fact.

This clumsy foal walk stomp through instant-connection with all ten thousand things began because of someone I have come to love, but have never met. My husband is my husband by virtue of these same circumstances, so I clearly begin to like people I haven't met quite easily. This could explain why all of you give me so my very real, very deep joy. The ten-thousand things reference is Taoist but I'm too lazy/tired? to find the link.  Fact.

The someone, Lesa, is my twitter coach. I have to be honest and say, at the instant in which I type this, I can't pull her last name from my memory. Maybe that's a matter of it being the end of a long work day Jackson Pollack'd with ten thousand other things and trying to learn something all at once. I have to be honest again and tell you, now that it's come back into my rattled brain, I won't tell you what it is. You should know her well enough that she wants to tell you herself. This isn't laziness.  What she does is this much worth your time. Fact.

What I will tell you is, as you may already know, I have baccalaureate degree in computer science and make my comfortable living doing very sexy geek things in fairly impressive places, but Lesa is the geek goddess in my life.  I'm only going to tell you two things about her.
 She teaches. Specifically, she children to talk to the rest of us who only hear things pronounced one way.

She's teaching me me to tweet with things like this:  "What time is#commenthour? My#tweetchat is ready and waiting!!"  I have no idea what this means, but she does, and I've got geekenvy.

It is my most heartfelt request that you go hug a teacher in her honor.   Even if you don't have children you are willing to hand over to one of them, find someone who teaches something that speaks to a belief in something good about us and give that person a hug.

I was going to put a screen print of the link above, but it wouldn't fit.  That tells me, the Universe wants you to decide if you need to know where the word hug comes from but I feel bad about ... okay, I lied. Feeling bad is pointless, but because I still owe you one more thing:

3) She loves books, wants you to read, and more importantly, she wants to show you how to seduce your children into reading books in this age of tweets, and pings, and ims, and texts and blogs and e-everything.

Go here.  Read. Smile. Teach
oh.. and she tweets
Lastly, because she'd ask me to ask you if she knew I doing this; 
Choose a book you love and share it.



  1. I only hopped on Twitter at my husband's insistence. I had no Lesa! I was a confused soul in the middle of 140 newsfeeds. But I think I have a handle on it! And if I can do it then you - with Lesa's guidance - will be a superstar my friend!!

  2. Ameena,
    Consider yourself followed...

  3. Woohoo! My name is in lights! Thanks for all the bragging! You are the Queen of the Good Good Champions!

    Hahaha-- I'm laughing my crazy head off! You know how deeply I curtsy to your sexy geek goddessness! I'm just a little ol' geekly tweet demi-goddess in training!

    I play it all by ear, make it up as I go and basically fly by the seat of my pants--- so think very carefully about following my twitter coachings, you may end up in Twimbuktu!!

    I had heard about #commenthour at SITS (http://www.thesitsgirls.com/) but jumped in knowing nothing. Now I know it is basically a tweet version of a bloghop in real time--the regulars were friendly and forgiving, thank goodness.

    there is a sign up somewhere-- when I locate it, I'll let you know, in case you are interested. Cooked Heads definitely needs to be featured during #commenthour!

    Check out the SITS site-- I haven't had time to explore too much but it seems like a great support and networking site for women bloggers.
    It seems more user friendly than Blogher.

    Ok-- not to blow your neural nuggets but we have met-- way way back in the early 80s-- maybe 83?. I was very shy around new people so no wonder you don't remember. But I never forget anyone who feeds me and you fed me some of the best scrambled eggs ever and won my undying loyalty!!

    Loves to you too!!!

  4. lmao.. sadly, that's an exaggeration, but only because my a isn't any smaller than before I read this.
    I don't remember! Then again, I was very busy being an unhappy teenager at the time and I promise, though you probably already know, the secret to good eggs is butter. a lot of butter, which explains my a :P oxoxoxoxot

  5. Ameena: No Lesa! You, poor deprived thing, you! ;o)

    Well, you are no longer Lesa-less-- I added your clever blog to my google dashboard and I will look you up on Twitter when I get home!!

  6. Tracy: yep, never too much butter! I remember you explaining all about the curdles or maybe it was how long to stir the eggs in the bowl? Not sure now but I was a burgeoning teen foodie and I remember being very impressed!

  7. Tracy:hahahahahahahah about your a. And I'm not laughing at it--- just at what you said!!!

  8. LOL! Your a talk made me laugh too!

  9. Lesa sounds wonderful and someday I'll get into tweeting.{...someday...}...
    gorgeous bookshelves..now these go all the way to the ceiling!!! I have book shelf envy...

  10. Maureen,
    it's an adventure to be sure, and so far it hasn't taken over my time the way I thought it would.
    I'm an easy mark for a beautiful book collection beautifully displayed always.


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