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Friday, May 6, 2011

I have ugly to spend

In the game of real life, currency, money is game tokens, but that wasn't always the case. For a very long time in human history, bartering was considered very normal.  There are places all over the internet about bartering clubs that are popping up.  In fact, Monita has a home in wine country with a pool and she'd like to trade it with you for your condo in Brooklyn this summer.  Man do I wish I had condo in Brooklyn...

But at it's core all these exchanges whether they're trading "dead presidents" or real estate are exactly alike in one respect.  They happen because person A doesn't want something they currently have and is hoping Person B will give them something they do want instead. Provided Person B is willing to make the trade, it happens.  It happens at Amazon, the local market and in Ukiah. Monita doesn't want her lovely 3br house with pool for a couple weeks this summer and she's hoping someone does, someone who will let her family move in to the house in Brooklyn so she can see the shows. In case you're that person, and considering the offer, I feel the need to tell you that despite what Monita says, it takes longer than an hour and a half to get from San Francisco to Ukiah, and the area has a reputation,  but it is close to some very nice sparkling wine vineyards 

So yes, trading.  I, myself have a surplus of ugly. I don't want it so I'm going to give away in exchange for some pretty.  I'm literally going to give and give to the ugly and give to it some more and give to it until it goes away and is exchanged for something I do want, a beautiful pool house.  I'm taking Jasper John's at his word:  "Take something, do something to that, then do something to that"

Some Thing 1, in much need of love.

If your eyes are scarred/scared by that, I suggest you expand the image at the beginning.
It's Jaspers Johns' "Grey Alphabet" circa 1956 and an application of his philosophy in his own work.


  1. This is the craziest post, because:

    You'll never believe what my family runs: a home exchange business.

    No seriously, they really do!

  2. JJ,
    Well when I finish getting rid of all the ugly, find me a list of people who want to trade houses for a while!

  3. I think you have a surplus of beautiful. And I most certainly am not talking about your, em, sink.


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