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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Perfect trust. I think.

    Heather, a perfectly brilliant woman, married to a perfectly brilliant French cowboy raised a very important point, at a very important point in the development of this seedling thought/maybe baby.  You can find the discussion in the comments of this post.
    What do you do with something you expend a great deal of effort and expense to produce?  Do you happily give it away for free or do you adopt the reaction we, who use our creative "hearing" to pay the light bills,  save money for places to set down roots, send children to school,  pay our caregivers when we're 100+  etc., are very very inclined to do.
    If you create, you know "the muse" gives "it" to us, even if we're the ones schlepping the gear, up at 3am, finishing it, getting it right and we all know it's true. That expression of All-nothing-other-than-Everything comes from something deeper than what everyone else can see, and we're given this particular viewpoint because our perspective is like no other.  Still, "it" comes from being a good listener to and a good seer, a good translator, a good follower of something Else.  We live to make love to that something Else.  We also want  to eat.

When I saw seagull scene from "Finding Nemo", I laughed, but I did so because I have an inner seagull.
"Mine." *cue "Finding Nemo Flock of Seagull Scene.

yeah, i used an unattractive unimaginative word.    it fits my mind at the moment.  see, i want to be an enlightened being, one who gives and gives and gives, from a place of knowledge, the knowledge being, that I have it All, and i am an extension of All the deeelish-ee-us muchness.
     The interupt happens when the electric company wants me to give them pictures of dead people so I can write this blog, do the laundry with a machine and or push a button to make dinner instead of gathering wood.  i'm very big on those things.
me and gimp.  it was free.
i'd be okay with free
if i didn't have such
an attachment to
things like
i want to be an enlightened being, but ...well

I raised and Heather, the woman married to "The French Cowboy", called me.

We share a desire to feed, but we also find eating, lights, underwear, clean water et al to be high on our list of priorities.

this is reality.

tomorrow, cooked heads starts crafting it.  with a mallet.


  1. Well, first off thank you for the weighty compliment. As I have mentioned, I am struggling to keep my head above water around you but I am giggling while I paddle, like a kid learning to swim. Remi, I know, will be delighted as well. Donc, merci!

    I think it is important to keep focusing on the difference between creating for pleasure's sake and creating for a living, professionally. Because I don't think that it is the same process. When I write for a magazine, it is with a very specific purpose and audience in mind, which is shaping my thought process before I take the plane. With my blog, I can ramble on, be sappy about my Mom and hopefully advance ever so slightly in the war against my self-reliance of the terms "lovely" and "beautiful" (and even that is a good example as for a professional article, repetition, at least here in France, is completely unacceptable). And I do think that the final product is, at its best, an offering, a gift. I still have so, so much to learn as a writer but I am so very, very proud of having created a little awareness about the reality of life for the Tibetans under Chinese rule, the greedy wear and tear on Angkor or politico/racial tensions in French Guiana. It ain't Picasso but it is a start. But I hear what you are saying Trace. Remi and I often talk about how fortunate Jaques Henri Lartigue was in that he came from such wealth that he was able to just create for himself and found the freedom to change photography while doing so.

    We are definitely struggling as many professional artists are. Time to stay strong and think out of the box to survive.

  2. big questions...do you give it away for free or charge...hmm...so many thoughts come to mind...
    I have offered my business consulting expertise to people for "free" and most people seem to think if it's free it can't e any good...so they treat me and my advice with little or no respect...I'm of the opinion that if you charge then you get the credit you deserve..imho...

  3. H.
    As far as treading water, the pool is crowded with at least the two of us splashing around mightily. You are quite formidable and this is an understatement so I take your "struggle" as high praise.
    As to the demarcation between creative for muse-wooing vs creative for bill-paying, that's where I am living, wondering if somehow the middle way isn't again, the only way. Don't have that answer.
    The blog/play forum is, yes, almost free association and therefore much different than a product for commercial consumption. I know that's true. I see it with my own endeavors.
    And lastly, two things. First is that I think what you do is Picasso, in that he/you tried/try to change what and how we see. Will something you write hang in a museum, who knows, but one thing I can promise, it will hang in the minds of those who read it and can then be used to shift their actions in some way that creates change from what they've seen. Secondly, thank you for what you choose to do, not just in regards to the work you do but giving the gift of your own truths and self in this odd little forum. t

  4. Maureen,
    Odd how that's the case isn't it? People want to give something themselves I guess or they don't feel they've been given anything. Whatever is true in that regard, you clearly walk that line well because when I look what inspires you in the direction of beauty, you're listening to something that calls, but that is as much an ability as being a neurosurgeon is. It's crafted, practiced and available to people who don't have it. It's reasonable to ask for "game tokens" in that case, because you're aiding these people to play their own game in a physical setting that gives to them as long as they move around in it, but as I've said, I'm still at the very beginning stages of figuring out how to proceed with all of this. Thank you for your insights. They give me fodder for progress. t


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