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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


A lovely word. Basically, grey. French, of course.   The updated look of Cooked Heads is a nod to the spirit of grisaille if not actually being a well executed example.  That's already been done. Here, let me show you...
Au dessus de la tribune, on peut admirer la grisaille d'Alexandre Rifflaert.
     If you can read that with ease, actually if you can read that, I envy you and want you to know that I have added "work on French" to my "get on with it" list.  The image comes from The University of Liège, in Belgium

More "this"
..this being a stained glass window the English procured from the French at some point after the thirteen hundreds.  I know this because it's now sitting in the Victoria and Albert Museum, decidedly not France.
     And lastly, when I become a bazillionaire, Tracery Interiors will be begged to do the beach house in Southern California but my townhouse in Houston's Museum district will be done by the genius behind Cote de Texas.  Dang, y'all


  1. I've been dreading the winter because everything will be grisaille-- even on sunny days. I like grisaille much better than grey--- went to howjasay for pronounciation thinking it might rhyme with versailles and it did! I'm not a complete French dunce after all!

  2. I'm sure a therapist would have something to say why monochrome appeals to me, but I'm smart enough not to ask.


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