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Friday, November 19, 2010

Would you read this? Dragon Seals part 1.

          Aubrey Hale fell, furious and dumbfounded, onto a step stool to look at the stunningly beautiful jade object in her hand. The storage unit was quiet other than the sound of the climate control system pushing perfectly humidified air around the room; but the internal curses she screamed in the direction of her dead husband made her head feel like it was going to explode.  Conner had been dead three years, and that was reason number one he was on her shit list. Reason number two was that his company, Conservator Transit, Inc., along with all the headaches that came with it was now her responsibility.
    What she held in her hands was closer to a catastrohpic brain bleed than a headache because she was pretty sure it was an exact mirror to the jade dragon seal sitting in a nest of shredded paper beneath her bed. If Conner hadn’t already been dead, she’d have divorced him; in fact, she was wondering if she could have him exhumed for just that purpose.  She wanted to throw the seal against a wall. Instead, she clenched it until the ache in her fingers worked its way up her arms then sat it gently at her feet. Individually, they were rare and ridiculously valuable. As a pair, they were priceless and fuel for an international fire-storm.
    When resignation finally replaced rage, she took out her cell phone to call Jack Douglas, the FBI agent she’d been lying to all day.  
       "Thanks large, darlin'" she said to no one.


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Is this your book? When is the next installment? I must know the significance of the jade seal!

  2. It is! It is! It is! I'm toying with the idea of writing it online because I love the protagonist so much I'd love it if it turned into a series. If I did it online, in installments even, it would be like giving the first one away. It has merit. Not sure if I should make another blog, use this one or inflict it on the readers of Mrs. BGs from time to time.

  3. Free does build good will as long as no one can steal your work. I see writers on blogs debating self-publishing and e-books too. Heve you looked into how to offer it to ereader folk? Haven't publishers signed some writers after the writers self published e-books did well?

    You probably do need a writer/author blog at some point-- a few of our writer/author followers have those kinds of blogs-- check them out and see what the competition is doing.

    Oh, I have no doubt Mrs. BGs readers would welcome installments-- I know I would! But how would your work be protected against the unscrupulous?

    whatever you decide, I agree 100%!!! ;o) Just continue the story!!!!!

  4. I'd copyright it first. It's a fairly simple process that involves a fee ( shocking ! ) and uploading a document file to the copyright office. I'm not sure if you have to have the whole thing done before you do or just the outline.. either way, before I stuck it out there for the world, I'd make sure I had protected the work. I'm more curious to see if the style/story etc are appealing enough to give birth to this 12lb baby with the big head.
    On that front, thank you for your encouragement.. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. It's always out on a limb with something like this...

  5. Yes, I would totally read it! How exciting! And way cool to read it in installments...builds anticipation!

  6. I think people who like thrillers/suspense will find the story very appealing-- I love thrillers mainly science/history/weird ones with special military forces but I like all thrillers so I'm already hooked. It is going to be thriller/suspense of some sort, isn't it?

    I like the style right off! the thought processes of Aubry seem realistic and sassy without being too cutesy/cartoony. I like her already and I'm dying to know more about the FBI agent...

    Would you want to post this much on Mrs. BG and see what others think of the style/story or we can post a link directing them to this post on your blog?


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