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Thursday, November 25, 2010


      My daughter has craved snow since she was a baby. Her first snow was one of those rare Texas snows during which she was sent down a hill in her baby bathtub. She loved it.  I myself freaked out.  Neither the bathtub incident, nor the snow were to be repeated until this year because until this year she's lived in Texas, Southern California and Las Vegas. Last April she moved to Seattle to go to school and when given the choice to come to California, she opted for a winter wonderland over palm trees.
      I don't blame her, but I was a little sad. I was also proud that she made the choice she wanted. She followed her own heart.  She's making good choices because she has a good heart and she's found a mom away from mom to go with her home away from home. I am grateful for many things this day, the one day people set aside to give thanks, but I am thankful everyday for a beautiful daughter and the beautiful woman who's welcomed my birth daughter into her home and family today. Thank you Catie for being so brave everyday.  Thank you "Scotts's mom" for being Catie's bonus-Mom so many days and for this video reminder that everything is good. Everything is in fact, extra good.

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