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Monday, November 22, 2010


Unused photo 1 Jelly fish...camera phone.
     Sometimes, I take photos with no particular use for them other than at some point some inspiration will hit and they will end up here, in Cooked Heads, their lesson for me having become obvious.  This one wasn't so obvious, but it made me smile, made the week look less hectic and let peace scooch on down in m'soul a little so I'll share it.
      I started looking at these two photos and wanted to use them together because, one looked like the other's eye.  Then, because I'm wired this way, I began to wonder if jelly fish even have eyes.  Some do, others have things no one will commit to calling eyes so they call them "eye structures".  Jellyfish don't have the master gene that makes the eye. That might explain their typically free floating approach to life. It's hard to get worked up about going in a specific direction when you can't see where you'd be going.
Unused photo 2 Paperweight... taken with fancy gift from Husband

     PAX ( paired box genes) tell our bits what to do with themselves before and after gestation.
    "You, in the corner! Get started connecting that hip bone to the leg bone. We only have nine months here people!  Let's move it!", said PAX6
 PAX6 is the master gene. It tells everybody what to do. I can relate to PAX6.  I tend to be domineering and dictatorial with myself and anyone in range, but unlike me, PAX6 has the good sense to delegate to other pair boxed genes that have more specific functions.  
     PAX2 is the gene set associated with both vision ( optic nerve development ) ears, brain spinal cord etc.  Makes sense.  But here's the not so sensical part. It's also where kidney and "genital tract"   information is stored.  Weird that those two would end up being associated with the brainier bits, since at least in once case, the brain is too often and totally ignored.  PAX2 is also linked to protecting cells from death during "cellular stress".  
     So here's me, PAX6, Monday morning, working myself up about all this "stuff" I have to get done this week, inflicting some serious cellular stress all up on me and I think about peace, pax if you're latin.  ( I knooooow.. it finally comes together!! )  It's not a coincidence that "seeing" shows up a lot in my posting because I'm convinced "seeing" is connected to peace.  If we could see past our own stories into the basic goodness, desires fears etc, we all share, we'd worry less ( not at all ) and have a great deal more compassion for each other not to mention peace for ourselves.   
     It's also interesting to me that the kidneys ( remember PAX2, optic nerve, brain stuff, kidneys ) are often used metaphorically along with the heart to describe what God sees within us and as being the source of our temperament, emotions, prudence and wisdom, the job we now associate with our brain, an organ not even mentioned in the bible.  What we see in the world, how we see of the world, how we decide to see the world,  all change our temperament, emotions, prudence and wisdom for the better if we see the world with Love, and if we see it through fear, well... I think we all know what that looks like.  

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  1. I'm glad you enjoy it, ama. Thank you for coming by this tiny bit of blog.

  2. Interesting post! I mean, your pictures are fantastic, and quite good enough on their own to carry the theme, but then you get me thinking with the words, too!

    Particularly interesting was the bit about kidneys and their being the source of temperament (among the other things) because one expression in English from the last century, which doesn't seem to be surviving very well, is to describe someone as being 'of this or that kidney' to liken him to a particular sort of person or someone with particular habits.

  3. One thing I noticed while living in France is that Americans tend to have stomach problems, as in, 'My stomach is upset.' or 'That might not agree with my tummy.' The French, on the other hand, hardly ever mention their stomachs, focusing instead on their kidneys. They are always discussing them.... So, do the French have weaker kidneys or do they just obsess about them? Why don't they have tummy aches? Or do they and just call them 'kidney problems'?

  4. Thank you Jay, and I'm so glad you enjoyed.

  5. DeLynne, that's amazing. I love it and and now have to think about it a while to figure out the lesson. This must be the same feeling my husband gets when his eyes glaze over in delight at the sight of an "evil" sudoku.


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