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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The good, the bad, the bubbles, and the poleaxed

Turns out there was wine tasting.  When people who love you find out you like wine, they bring it to you, and they'd prefer that you taste it while they're tasting it with you.  
I think it was the bubbled wine that pollaxed poleaxed me. That may not be how to spell pollaxed poleaxed.  but I'm blogging from bed with a headache that's lasted all day long. It leaves me unmotivated to check spelling. 
I'll be sticking to water for my bubble needs for a while.
This is almost cheating, and a repost, but my mother has joined the digital age and I thought it worthy of a post script.
  No matter how old you get, your mother will still wet her napkin with the tiny point of her pink tongue to wipe the bit of "whatever" off your cheeks, and help you with your homework... in this case, Spelling.


  1. Had to look it up, pollax, poleax. You aren't reading Beowulf, are you? That's what's giving you a headache.

  2. I am not reading Beowulf. When I did read Beowulf it did give me a headache, but in this case, I blame too much wine. I even went to the trouble of using tiny glasses and only remember having three of them, but it was very hectic and a mob of laughing people.


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