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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meandering as a means. End optional

Firmament by Rod McRae
    This week, my husband and Rod McRae have inspired me to get on with it all. Agatha Christie gets an honorable mention.
Pre-post synopsis
     Sunday: Back from seeing family in Texas.  Walk into apartment.  Sigh. The apartment is closer to his notion of liberty than my notion of order. In the week I was gone, it became a  tree fort for my husband's inner nine year old though a sane wife wouldn't have asked for more: no dishes in the sink, grocery shopping done, plants, and the roses he bought for me on the anniversary of the day we met were all watered without my asking, etc. etc.  This is one phenomenal nine year old boy.
        I am blessed with a slightly faulty "2x-chromosome clean" gene.  Twice the shrew, twice as much serotonin re-uptake, and only half the perspective  Help is on the way in the form of three women I can hardly wait to see.  Their help is a gift from the nine year old boy, help that I vehemently resisted for yeeeears, people.  Obviously I still have to learn things from the nine year old boy. 
     The tree fort accouterments included an easel set up for a marathon football watching /oil painting afternoon that sounded great in theory,  a mile of coax cable attached to an outdoor tv antenna, and a plastic storage bin large enough for a bmw mini. They were all on the patio aka, my happy place, aka where I go to inhibit the serotonin re-uptake and increase my perspective.
Plan A)  Get annoyed and let the shrew "amok! amok!" then restore minimal order because I love these three women too much to leave it all for them to do. I disliked Plan A) because I really dislike getting annoyed.  Why? For some reason I suffer the most when that happens. What is THAT about?  The shrew/amok bit seems to pretty much explains itself.  Scratch Plan A).
So, in search of Plan B) I had one of those bipolar discussions with myself where I realize I should figure out why this stuff keeps showing up in my life....
...to be continued.

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