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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wine book that became a life book.

Lost: One simple leather book
Description: Lots of life stuff and plot notes. Dang.

     Months ago I lost a book I loved, a simple leather bound book with pale yellow pages with high cotton content that started out as blank and over time were becoming full. I'd had it for years and it saved my sanity if not my life on several occasions.  It saved other people's lives on a regular basis. It was my journal, a place for mental garbage that's best worked out internally and if you can't manage that shoot for a surface other than another persons face. I'd also used it to start planning my book.
     I hope someone finds it and reads it, learns from it and maybe laughs. If they like the plot. I hope they write the book.  There are plenty more for me to write. I have no secrets from the universe. What's the point? We all share the same foibles and when you finally realize no one cares what you're doing because they're all worried about what they're doing, it's a happy day.  For those people that think they care what you're doing, it's only because they're too horrified by what they think about what they're doing.  I promise this is true.
     After I lost my beloved book, I went in search of a new one. At first the bar was seriously high.  The original was Italian. I'd bought it for my husband as a gift he didn't use, which are the best kind for your spouse because if you're right, they'll love it, if you're wrong, you'll love it. Win/Win.  Anyway, spending that kind of money of a gift for someone else made sense. Spending that kind of money on a gift for myself seemed silly especially since I tend to LOSE them! ( sigh ).  I settled on two of them, both less than ten dollars and use neither of them as a journal.   I have a computer document that serves that purpose and have discussed its format here on several occasions.  
     One of the little books because my list book. Yes I know. You young people have smart phones for that. I have a smart phone too, but like the front of a blank book I saw the other day said,
Life wine book
"I have a handwriting font loaded in my pen".  Old school, writing...
     The other little book's original purpose was for wine tasting. I like wine. I drink it several nights a week and taste it several hours on end when the calendar says "Saturday".  Yes, there is a difference.  Drinking is quiet fun until you've had your third glass. Tasting is noisy, impolite and fun every sip you take and if you must, spit out. I don't spit, yet. I'm from the South and I'm finding it hard to get over the idea of a) spitting and b) spitting in a communal bucket of wine drool.   ack..
Cavallini Roma Lussa Leather Journal, 5x7 inch, Hand Made in Italy, Chocolate
The original, which I highly recommend if you aren't
the type of person to LOSE things.. *sigh
     Where was I?  Oh yes.. the wine book.  Now it's a life book. It has all kinds of weird little things in it.  I like it almost as much as the original, but there's something to be said for Cavallini, Italian leather (provided you don't know the cows personally. It's harder otherwise.), and a high cotton count


  1. Yes. I have those. Scattered around the house. Where ever I sit, there is usually a notebook near by.
    In between my goals for a healthier life, my shopping lists, my list of rewards for when I reach X goal, are drawings of dinosaurs and Spongebob. I think that is my stage right now.
    In a few years, I will want a pleather bound journal. But right now I like what I have! My "bought during the back to school sale for 10 cents" notebooks....

  2. They're a quirky little pleasure aren't they?


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