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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I have a magazine home..

...in small doses, because I do my own decorating and my decorating budget is defined by my life choices.  I'd rather have a good bottle of wine, a candle that melts my brain or a phalaenopsis (go there and scroll, I dare yah...) than another object to dust, wash, iron, polish or plump.    
      If you want to know how smart I am for reveling in minutia instead of attempting total immersion, then go to Ru magazine, a free online design magazine, see how many people it takes to make that happen and ask yourself if you have the staff to make your whole existence like that.
I don't.
Dinner with drop by children, friends and creative husband. No dogs allowed.
     The shape of my bank account isn't the biggest reason my house doesn't look this way all over the place. I have  friends, the occasional drop by child,  a creative husband with lots of creative toys and four small dogs.  I actually only have one very large dog but the math works out the same because this is a very large hunting dog in a very small apartment with one bedroom. There is another bedroom, but that one holds all those creative toys and the creative husband when we both lose our minds at the same time. It' s no-wo man land, and definitely no dog land.  All this makes for a delightful mess that's not always aesthetically fab.
     If I have to choose, I want all these bodies in my life more than I want an entire magazine home. I especially want to keep the occasionally mad genius husband and the Labrador who is named Banshee for many many reasons but I'm beginning to wonder if I have to choose between them and 360° gorgeous. Maybe I'll start by replacing the golf magazines we've been putting under our coffee cups and sweating ice tea glasses with some nice coasters.  Baby steps...


  1. yes, baby steps. i have gorgeous things all put up because i can't "deal" with it.

  2. I have some of that going on as well. It's hard to feel good about the Old Paris Vase sitting on the desk when you know there will be apocalyptic bumpage. French, for "bumping into-ness."

  3. Definitely people, more than stuff. I have too many beautiful things (!) and am giving lots of away and selling some really valuable things. Have possibly found a gorgeous place to live that means I'd have to leave behind at least a third of my furniture; possibly half. But I'm ready for the challenge!

  4. I’ve been blogdropping on your next adventure in the Netherlands. How exciting that you’ve found something. I can’t wait for the pictures. And may I say, having left many things for better adventures, it’s worth the parting wave.


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