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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Free basking..

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Close your eyes and feel your piggly toes have wiggly throes in the sand, the guilty pleasure of oily legs stretched out in the sun, something iced, a little up and away (youtube alert) floating through the air.  Sounds lovely doesn't it?   The last few icy fingers of February are scratching on my psyche and since I'm not in charge of the weather, I decided to create a little summer in a bottle.  A few months from now, the toes will be painted Arm Candy, the oil will be scented with jasmine and the something iced will be lemoncello.  For the moment, I'll make due with fuzzy pink slippers, gardenia lotion to stave off the ash and a pretty, if  presently purposeless bottle.
Lemoncello: Like life, a work in progress.


  1. You create such evocative images... you make me almost long for the sun and sand. (I'm really more of a 'sitting on a log beside a mountain lake" sort of person) The end of winter cannot come fast enough.

  2. Mrs. G,
    I'm so glad you enjoyed it. It's funny how we identify with a particular place. I have friends you just absolutely LOVE the desert and it is beyond me. It all looks like the moon and not the romantic Paris moon, the dry dead sandy one where nothing but scrubby and prickly stuff will grow.

  3. Sounds like a Calgon moment to me. (or is that dating myself?) I love the song, "Toes in the water, @$$ in the sand" by Zac Brown Band :)

  4. Do you make your own Limoncello? Dink it on the rocks or mixed? I love it poured over lemon gelato, the real Italian stuff.

  5. I agree with Georgia...a total Calgon moment. I loved that commercial but I think you are on to something with this Limoncello instead. It's a way more appealing option than a bath!!

  6. DeLynne, this is the first time I've made it and usually make a cocktail with prosecco and a splash of crème de cassis myself because it's a bit strong for anything more than sipping, but I will definitely try it on gelato. It sounds absolutely perfect as a summer dinner party desert.

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