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Monday, February 14, 2011

The insidious appeal of "almost bad"

      When I was a morose pre-teen, my mother, weary of my many darkly colorful moods, said,
     "It can be fun to be sad, but there are better ways of having fun."
     I thought she was crazy and clueless. I was miserable with good reason, damnit!   There was injustice! and mean people! and a lack of cool clothes! That I do not remember what had me so up-ended in the moments preceding her sage one liner tells me whatever it was , it wasn't that big of a deal.
    Drama as in "drama-queen"  is "almost bad".  It's the craptacular stuff that happens to you that isn't really all that bad, but you act like it is, and even think you believe it is because on some level you just like the sound of the whining pitch, the long suffering sweep of your wrist to your forehead,  the notion of a fainting couch and the corsets that necessitated them.  Basically, you think bitching can be funny or clever if done correctly.  I get that.  I even do that, but I also think there are better ways of looking at the bitch worthy moments.

  • This morning, my car wouldn't start.  again.  ( I have two other cars available to me and a husband who's taking care of the first...poor me. )
  • I almost got T-Bone by an arse-opening who ran a red light. I could hardly wait to tell someone. ( I did not get t-boned, just t-d off and scared, but I feel better knowing that you know..... poor me.)
  • I forgot my cellphone and had to come all the way back to the house to get it. ( I have a job that allows me to work from anywhere... as in on the beach, from the Eiffel tower, while skiing, not that I ski, but I could, provided I have my cellphone with me.  poor me. )
  • someone I know, love and live with insists on bulk shopping at the gigunda megalo mart of excessive and large everything-ness. It's insane. There are only two of us and a dog. What keeps this from being passive aggressive is that I told said person it was insane and to stop it.  Said person went to megalo mart anyway. GAH!  ( megalo mart carries very respectable champagne, which said person brought home for me the last time he was there... with flowers.  and smoked salmon......  poor me.)

"This day was almost horrible!! "
*said while falling dramatically onto fainting couch as bosoms heave over the whale bone stays
"Someone bring me some champange...."

There are always
better way of having fun.    
better. fun.


  1. Funny--- so true!!!

    I try to keep the almost bad and sad in perspective! There is almost always something absurd to make it funny-- and laughing is better!!

    Love what your mom said-- what a smart lady-- i'm am going to use that line for sure!!

  2. almost everything is "almost". the older i get, the more almost it gets.
    and yes, my mom is a smart lady. smarter than she knows sometimes, but then aren't we all?

  3. Loved what your mom said about being sad. I guess I'll remind myself that when I'm sad. Honestly I sometimes enjoy being sad.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. Chandana,
    Thank you for stopping by.. and as to the sad thing, like I said, I get it and sometimes do it, but I've finally figured out it's more fun to puzzle out what would be more fun than being sad. It's not always my first choice and it's sometimes a pain in the sit down, but every single time I make myself do it, I feel like I won a prize of some sort.

  5. I so agree. Sounds like you can relate to our Ruby Jayne :) I love powerful one-liners. Your mother was a genius. 'Cause see, you remembered it!

  6. Welcome to the delicious fray of insanity, GG and yes, my mother is an amazing Southern woman. Why say a paragraph when a few words linger long enough to make you wince?


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