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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Water works

...on a lot of levels. It's Wednesday. For those of us who look forward to weekends, we're in the home stretch and I thought we could all use a little liquid beauty, but, in case I'm talking out of turn, and you don't like weekends, or don't care overly much about water,  I could use some liquid beauty.
Note: I grabbed these years ago, long before I was blogging and therefore 
I have no idea
who was lucky enough to stand and take them.  
If it was you, I apologize for not giving you your just due
and thank you for very much pleasure.


  1. You're so right about water. I miss this element badly in my current suburban-brick outer-London abode. The first two look like the same house - I could move in there, or into the last one, in a heartbeat. I always enjoy popping over to your interesting (thoughtful and often funny) blog!

  2. Karen,
    I have loved your blog for a while too and I can't tell you how delighted I was to see I'd been able to return the favor a bit!
    Even though I live very close to the beach I spend a lot of my mediation time imagining view of the ocean that disappears at the horizon line. Greedy greedy!
    There are millions of blogs and your time is precious so, lastly, and most importantly thank you very much for decided to follow along.

  3. I live for the weekends, too. Mine starts on Thursday night when I start taking my sleeping pills.

  4. Well, GG, now, I wouldn't tell just anyone this, so make sure it's just between us, but I have been known to choose a valium over a glass of wine in my day. Not so much since I started drinking more champagne...

  5. Beautiful photos. Just looking at them relaxed me some. Thanks!


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