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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A life minus the airbrush.

     Several months ago, born out of my frustration with and pining for all the blog beauty that I could not was too occupied with other things to make happen,  I did a post about my almost magazine house.  Nothing has changed and I'm evidently not alone. This may be rationalization, but I think this speaks to a life well lived without the help of "staff".
     There exists a life made for magazines, blogging, film, pretend, and there exists the real thing, which trends towards chaos but requires no staging.   Staging is one reason this will never be a food blog.   It's too damn much work. Not just work to get the photo right, but to cook the damn food.   I love to eat more than most things, but I don't love it enough to spend hours in the kitchen, only to have to spend hours more cleaning up the kitchen, and yes, I have a husband who is near deity status for his efforts in this regard, but for what? A couple hours of eating? And that's only if you're French. If you're American, assuming you divide your "eating time" into three meals, you spend 30 minutes on dinner. The French on average spend twice as long.
so yes.  The time I would spend making food to show is time I'd almost always rather spend doing almost anything else.  There are already enough people who have been given this gift and I don't need to suffer. Woefully, I occasionally forget this.
   I made the mistake of thinking I'd do one of those pretty food posts and decided to make some carciofi fritti. Doesn't that sound nice?  It's Italian for fried artichokes.  Very Neapolitan.  Very much a pain in the butt for no good reason, at least in practice.   I don't know where the Romans got their baby artichokes, but it wasn't at a high end grocery store.  The baby artichokes hunted and gathered from there do not get cooked when you gingerly coat them in egg wash, flour and panko bread crumbs.  They stay very solid and inedible, 
Palline fritte di corda
Aren't they beautiful? 
A rope by any other name....


  1. We ate this at Olives in Vegas-- it is at the Bellagio. So yummy!! We didn't even order them-- they accompanied the roasted veggie sandwiches! So a very unexpected treat!! their's had a narrow curved shape-- wonder if they cut them into thinner pieces before cooking?

    I always like your food posts-- but I know it is lots of work.

  2. I thought of that when I wrote this post. Either that or steaming them a little bit and letting them dry. Given a choice, I think I'd still rather have them brought to me with my roasted veggie sandwich. To tell you the truth, I think I just need a break from cooking. We've been having a nice sit down dinner every night for a couple weeks now and I'm ready for a PB&Banana on the sofa instead.

  3. I totally get where you are coming from. For a family dinner during the holidays I tried frying up some mozzerella sticks -- looked simple enough. The trick was getting the crumbs to stick to the cheese. The whole process took longer than I anticipated -- but they tasted pretty close to a restaurant version.

  4. GG,
    honestly, the more I cook, the more I want to make a sandwich. It's just so time consuming and there are so many other things I'd rather be doing. Unfortunately, I can't figure out what those other things are yet, so until then, I'm frying rope and making pulled pork. ;)


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