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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blogging to live or living to blog

This is a weekend recap,  but even as I do it, I wonder why I would or if I should bother.. There's an element of weirdness, and a tendency towards either shame or towards gloating  in "How I spent my Summer Vacation" even when you're doing it in third grade but these are the gifts I was given so there can be no conceit on my part, just humble gratitude for all the way my weekend was lovely.
Besides, I'm doing a recap, for a couple of less lofty reasons.  Foremost is my tendency to do things so I can blog about them later, versus being actually engaged in my life.
Bad.  Very very bad or at least highly undesirable and veering precariously off the path of all the really good stuff.. you know.. the kind of life that puts the B in Being.
     This weekend, I decided not to blog because quite frankly, I'm a little over it all at the moment. "It" being all the over sharing we do in text rather than genuine communing with each other, so, late Saturday night when my husband turned to me to ask if I wanted to catch the last set of a gig a friend of ours had at a local Mexican restaurant, I agreed, even though it's not the type of music that appeals to my natural inclinations and we'd already eaten.  To be polite, he had a few beers, and I had a good sipping tequila while we listened to a group of really talented and really under paid musicians.  As a side note, I didn't realize until recently that's it's a little thoughtless to linger at a table for hours after you've finished eating dinner even if you plan on tipping well because you're depriving the server of their next customer and let's face it, no matter how well you tip, you're not going to tip enough to make up for an entire other customer...(things my husband knows and tells)
     Sunday was the LA Times, a hike in the chapparal with my hyperactive/ADD dog who loves being off leash,  an objective study in frustration from 17 mile drive,  the rare "cheap" good red, and dinner from my new favorite toy. (fyi... it's a pressure cooker and I am in love....)
Optimum Treehouse Real Estate

Pebble Beach Open Sunday Dinner

Steamed Artichoke 
(have I said love the kitchen toy)
Love Dip
(recipe to follow at some point, but this is not a food blog, 
I repeat, this is not a food blog
Suffice it to say, this is a tongue in cheek title 
there are copious amounts of garlic involved. )

Cabbage and Beet Slaw 
Buttermilk Mint Dressing
Goat's Milk Farmers Cheese

Pot Roast with Horseradish Sauce (love.the.toy.)
Smashed Potatoes with Truffle oil and Crème Fraiche
First Spring Peas, tossed with Sauté Mushroom 
Browned Pearl Onions

A lot of 
but I don't do them, so I don't mind  
(and if I am a woman to be envied, it is because I married very well)


  1. That sounds like a superb feast. I know what you mean: what comes first, life or the blogging of it.

    I added you to my blogroll. Hope that's OK?!

  2. JJ,
    The best part was not doing the dishes! As to the blog roll, OK? you honor me.. thank you. thank you. thank you.

  3. I think as long as YOU are getting something out of sharing with us, then it doesn't matter the reason. But let me tell you that you are not the only one that does. I can't speak for everyone, but I know that I totally get something out of each post. For realz. ;)

  4. Ooo- tell about the pressure cooker!! I've never used one-- my parents had one when I was a kid and it was scary!!

  5. Jeff,
    Well, it's a little silly to be concerned about it because I started blogging as a way to make myself go out and do things I didn't necessarily care to do..yah know..like learn.
    Entropy (not to mention atrophy) rules...unless of course you find a way to boost the signal and or fight like hell :P
    and Happy Valentines Day to you too!

  6. o.m.goodness gracious. YOU don't have a pressure cooker? HOLY KITCHEN CAPERS BATMAN!!
    Seriously, Lesa, of all the people I know, YOU should have a pressure cooker, and in your honor I will do a post about it. This one has replaced THREE appliances: Steamer, Slow Cooker and my old (too small to can with)metal pressure cooker, which I'll box up and send to you if you want it.

  7. I was wondering if they were for canning too. I always used the 1970s pressure cooker pot at my parents house when I made candy in Lgv during the holidays-- for puddings too-- it is so thick that nothing ever scorches.

    I even bought an old pot off ebay a few yrs ago and used it till the lid got stuck with deepfrying oil in it-- took months to finally get the lid off and by that time the oil had pitted the pot-- Weird! I sure miss that pot but will probably steal the one in Lgv.

    So that is my experience-- I've never used one as a pressure cooker so I would love to hear all about it-- you can send on FB if you don't want to post about it. The amazon picture looks very different from the old pressure cookers-- all newfangled!!

    Thanks, I'd love your hand me down pot-- I will pay for postage!


  8. Canning only for nonacid type foods, like old school canning green beans etc. jellies, tomatoes, etc, you can do in a water bath so no pressure cooker necessary.
    what they do for you is speed up cooking time exponentially.
    as to the "hand me down." no paying postage, just forgive me for blogging less than I should with the lovelies of Mrs. BG's and we'll call it even. I'll get with you for the addy.


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