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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shiny happy blog post everywhere...

.       So, I've begun to annoy myself like a splinter in the sit-down lately with all this philosophical flailing.  Not that I don't believe, like,  need a great deal of the flailing that I throw out there, because it is in the general direction of "happy=true", but too much introspection/deep mental probing is like any other probing, after a while, it has to stop or someone is going to get mule kicked in the head and who wants that? 
     This given morning was a call to fluff, you know, as opposed to glory.
...an hour later..
     I decided to go off in search of "fluff", something pretty to show you, something that would show you how hip, how clever, how relevant I am, how much glory I deserve (*squeak. damn) but stopped on the way to check a blog I frequent because I so often leave it with  An Attitude Adjustment.  
     I really should say recheck it because earlier in the morning,  I'd left a hip, clever, relevant comment and wanted to see if I'd gotten my much deserved glory. (*really really bad word, but my mother reads this so I won't type it, but REALLY bad word).   Instead, I got a reminder, a mule kick to the head, if you will.  It was a good kick, but a kick is a kick.
     I almost don't think I can do this.  I want to be light, and frivolous and all the things I think are the outward signs of bliss.  They're not.  I may "think" those things equate to bliss, but I believe they are all hat and no cattle, to borrow an expression from my home state.  February 7th, I'm going to be joining the Maladjusted Book Club in a Symposium on an issue that's so much bigger than it sounds, and it sounds huge:    
If you don't already know about it, and you never ever click on another link from this blog, this is the money click because you are the most amazing thing I've ever seen.  And, because I can't resist a little philosophical flailing, you could (should) put any noun you use to define yourself in place of the word Body.  

All images, Will Cotton.  I might be in love.


  1. You have such a way with words...seriously. I love reading words like yours - your "philosophical flailing" is fabulous! And yes, Jana's blog is one of the best.

  2. Tracy, I agree with Ameena: you do have a way with words. You ARE hip and you ARE clever. I know the book is called Women Food and God - but I read it because I knew its message was something I needed to hear. It really is amazing.

  3. Ameena, and Jeff, thank you both for saying the gift of your goodness, the spoken/typed/expressed gift, and I think you know what I mean/meant. We all get in a track of being motivated by something other than "I'm already there." That's really my point. It happens and all we have to do is remember the truth of our innate perfect nature that's what MAKES us hip/clever/relevant...being exactly as we truly are. I remind myself constantly so you'd think I'd alway remember?!
    love to you both


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