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Friday, October 1, 2010

Shift happens.

Turns out, popular opinion says you should be concerned if you start telling yourself to shut up.  I'm not sure I agree, primarily, because I know the kinds of things that I say to myself.  In fact, I think I should probably tell myself to shut up more often.   More precisely, I think I should tell the part of myself that's afraid, and thus angry and alienated to shut up and follow the part of my innate nature that is good and loving.   The tiniest shifts in perception are often the ones that make all the difference, not that it's a tiny thing to think of yourself as you were created, loving and whole.  It's a very large thing, but we're still only the blink of an eye from waking up to our own nature and thus the nature of everything.  We are everything,  thus, "we" has no antonym.. there is no "them".  That's the lie, and the end of my reminder to myself.  Thank you for either enduring, or skimming past it...

I'll now make the point that tiny shift in perceptions are everything with a physical demonstration, not of my own making. It's the creation of Michelle Brand, an environmental artist whose fabulous battle cry is "100% granola free"

What you're looking at in these pictures started out this way, and would have stayed that way unless someone had a slight shift in perception.

Someone has probably figured out what to do with the top part of the bottle, and if not, they're probably working on it right now. As for myself, I still haven't figured out to do with the hundreds of wine corks I've been saving but that light fixture is aaaaalmost enough to make me re-think my own answer to plastic water bottles.

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