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Monday, October 4, 2010

Go forth and unlearn something...

For years, I tried to garden, with limited success.  I finally gave up and developed a green thumb.  Now I can't kill a plant to save my life.  In fact, they have  a way of reproducing when I'm not looking.   They're pod plantples...   They've also taught me something about knowledge.  It has limited usefulness when compared to throwing yourself all in to the direction of intent and allowing.

I started my original blog to see where I was lead.  This is where I was lead.  If you have a blog you know you tend to it like a small garden. You watch it, see how certain things are doing, wonder what you could add and what might work in that little corner over there where nothing seems to thrive, but ultimately, I think that's busy work.  The real "work" happens when you forget what you think you know and play in the dirt, so to speak.

These babies and a family dinner party next Sunday have inspired me to give my patio a makeover.  Inspiration is just another way of playing follow the leader, and in this case the leaders want to be repotted.

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