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Monday, October 18, 2010

"How to stop feeling like #%^!" -101

Recently, there have been a few days that I considered unblogable, because if I don't want to hear me whine, why in the world would you. On the other hand getting out of an unblogable week and being happy on the other side, if not during, might be considered blogable.
Step 1:   Accept that you're having a crappy week and start paying attention to something else, or rather, everything else.
Step 2:   Have an open in case of crappy week document that lists things you enjoy doing, because in the middle of the crappy week, you're going to forget that you ever liked anything at all.
Step 3:  Tell the part of yourself that's having the crappy week, even if it's 99.999% of yourself, to pretend that it's passed and start acting like it's passed, even if it hasn't. And chances are pretty good it hasn't, but it will.
Step 4: Don't underestimate the power of beautiful. Start looking for it. It's found in the oddest place

The nature of human existence is that something is going to come flying out at you in the direction of your peace of mind, and when it does, it could be the precursor for a week where you have a panic attack while at work that makes you to think hiding in the back of the closet has merit as a life coping mechansim.  Plastic ketchup bottles are not meant to explode when they hit the floor, but from personal experience I can tell you if they do, you might want to consider it the universe's early warning system.


  1. Happy Macro Monday! Gorgeous photo! Oh, I love love love radishes-- so earthy and yummy and they are beautiful! The universe was out to get me in Sept so I didn't get around to planting any radishes and it may be too late now.

    A plastic ketchup bottle, eh. I forgot to mention during my litany of Sept troubles that the rail of the bottom shelf of my fridge door fell off 2 times-- the first time resulted in a blueberry syrup mess and the second time a maple syrup mess! Hope the universe gets distracted from you but don't want it glancing my way!!

  2. Syrup trumps ketchup any day and two doses of it..yikes. I can only write about it because it has passed.
    I've fallen in love with radish, salt, butter and the bread from one of the local bakeries.. It's one of the great French ideas.

  3. Yep, crappy weeks are not fun. Dragging out my camera and snapping some pics straightens me out most of the time and, judging by that awesome radish pic, it helps you, too. Hope you're feeling better.

  4. Barb: I told my husband ( who bought me the camera ) that it helps me remember that the world is beautiful.. and as for my week, the lousy one is in the distant past. yay! and thank you for you good wishes.

  5. You captured them beautifully!

  6. Thank you, Jama, and thanks for stopping by to you and Barb both. Lesa has to stop by, she's an unofficial official cousin!

  7. Thank you Cecilia, for the compliment and the coming by!


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