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Saturday, October 2, 2010

What is it you think you're exercising there, hon?

Physic is harsh, dude.    We are biological machines so if input>output, then storage happens and it's not the Martha Stewart craft section just for storage kind of storage either.  It's the muffin top, cankle, bulging bits kind of storage.  No die cuts, no stickers and no pretty boxes.   

There are people who like exercise. I don't know any, but I know there must me.    I Wii.   Using the Wii is a lot like crochetting a hoopskirt for a doll top so you can hide the tp.  It hides the obvious in the sometimes hideous. (... downward dog, people..  just saying.. )  and it's fun.  Silly fun.  Aaaaaaaaand I still wouldn't do it if I didn't have a ritual that changes exercise into a physical meditation, an "exercise" in how to wallow in how much fun it is to be me, when I let it.   

My home gym:

  • Sandalwood oil, just a dab.  I'd rather smell like santalum album than not, given the alternative "ripeness" of a decent workout session.   
  • Incense.  I'd rather the air smell like santalum album  as well.   I set it in a pot plant outside my living room door and I apologize to any of the people in the area who don't like smelling very nice incense wafting through the open air.    Consider me your teacher in the art of letting go, again.   I live to serve.
  • Cold water.  Yes. I could just pour a larger glass.  That may hydrate my cells, but it doesn't do nearly as much for my joy factor as  so quirky mismatched glass things in pleasing arrangements.
  • My notebook, so I can write things down that need to be done that day as they come to me.
  • My reminder book for those inspirational moments that happen and you know you've been given a gift.  I need those because at some point, I'll inevitably think being me isn't so much fun and will need to be gently shoved awake because I'm napping.  Example: "What is it you think you're exercising there, hon?" A thought that occurred to me when I was internally whining about exercise and realized I should be thinking of it as a physical meditation. I wrote it down for the next time I didn't want to Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
  • The Wii controller.  It's there, just hidden behind all the things that are actually important.   

I mean to tell you, if exercise helps you burn calories, I'm on fiyah! by the time I finish.  That does NOT mean it can't be fun.    I have to borrow a picture and link to a post, and if you have any sense at all you'll become a follower of this girl's blog, because you'll be really sorry you didn't when she takes over the world.  While I don't do this, I certainly feel like could:
Ms Izzy Rose Toes


  1. Have fun! Did you make an avatar of your dog? We see ours around the island, jogging or segway-ing. I like hula hooping and boxing and, oh, birds bulls eye. I am hopeless at the marching thing. Goodness me, I dissolve into paroxysms of laughter.

  2. I did do a Banshee dog and now that i know humiliation is to be had i'll definitely have to try the marching game, I've started doing the skate boarding one and laugh because I get so into it I think I could actually skate board. Then I remember about gravity and momentum..you know, physics


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