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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Take help where you find it.

A solid support group can make a huge difference in whether you reach challenging goals or not.    It's easier to walk away from destructive behavior once you know you've already proven it won't make you feel any better to repeat the same patterns and you have such whole hearted offers of assistance.  
"You want those linen slacks, I want the other half of that veggie burger.
Help me help you."


  1. what's blondie's name? it appears he has been able to help you in the past. he's a beautiful support group.

  2. Her name is Banshee Dog vs. Banshee Woman, J.'s nickname for me. I wanted to name her Wren so either she grew into her name or her name turned her into an insane clown, heavy on the insane. We often sidewalk ski...


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