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Monday, October 25, 2010

A case of mistaken identity.

     Monday morning, I realize everyone could use a hug, even the people who make my blood boil, or rather , especially the people who make my blood boil, because they're teachers, and teachers should get hugs, not to mention pay raises, but that's another story. Saturday morning was a whooooole lot of different.
     I went for my weekend wine tasting, met some lovely new friends, visited with some old friends, drank some amazing Malbecs, another Cava, a typically light fruity Riesling, planned a girl brunch for next Saturday with Miyuki, Kristy,  the wife-in-law, ate some great cheese, in all I had five hours of really fun stuff going on, and all I could think about for the rest of the weekend was the guy who told me he'd gone to Japan to find a submissive and obedient wife.  He was serious.
"You look vaguely familiar"
     The Monday morning person, you know, the enlightened one, knows I should have said smiled and said, "You deserve your equal.". The Saturday wine taster, laughed in the derisive way only an angry woman can, and asked him, "How'd that work out for yah, big guy?".  I was livid and sarcastic in the extreme, my rapier wit salted and I was off  to do some macro whittling on the guy's self esteem. The specifics would only work you up and/or make me look bad, because I was hateful. Truly and repeatedly.
      (Sample:  My reply to his comment,
      "She", the obedient submissive wife, "decided", yes he said decided, "to die of cancer."
     "Well,damn, that had to mess up your day."
       Yes. Chock Full o' Hate. Almost as much as he seemed to have for women, huh?)
     It's also off topic, which is that I got mad in the first place and started shredding him because I felt threatened. Had I immediately remembered what I am, I might still have laughed, but it would have been one of amusement that he felt threatened by women or amazement that he'd forgotten what he was. The rest of the conversation was just louder and louder instruction for me to see past the surface to the fearful and insecure boy in need of a reminder that dominating another human being wasn't going to make him feel any better about himself.  Love is the only thing with that kind of power. Now if I could only remember to use it.  I wonder if there's a smart phone app for that?


  1. What a powerful post.

    And I love that shot. How I'm going to miss small treasures like that all winter long. Sigh.

  2. thank you both for the kind words and the visit

  3. Oh yes, there's an app called c-r-a-p for big boys like him ;-)

    Hey that's a great macro!

  4. Very nice macro! Powerful story you shared. Thank you for sharing.

    Blondie's Abode

  5. haha Lui.. obviously, our line of thinking is similar and thank you for the praise for the visit

  6. Just Me, thank you for taking the time to read it, for visiting

  7. I just adore your snails... very cool... I think snails are just so beautiful...

  8. Thank you Nicolasa and Nikki..

  9. Thank you Marisa and Maaike, for stopping by and for the compliments


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