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Friday, October 1, 2010

Muscadine vines...and cork floors, or vice versa

Yes please.
I save wine cork.  I started doing it because of one bottle in particular, a bottle of 2001 Cakebread Chardonnay, a bottle I did not ever want to forget.   Now I couldn't tell you which cork it is. I have hundreds of them and no clue what to do with them.  I'm looking at a few possible projects that range from wreathes to trivets, but they're not movin' me overly much. I could live with this shower and I'd have to drink more wine to make it happen, so I'm not seein' the down side of that.

I enjoy wine. I follow one wine blog and hope that my vast following (me laughing )will create a grass roots pressure on Kathy to drink more, and blog about it. I make up for my lack of wine blog enthusiasm by drinking the fruit of the wine often and with much devotion. An appreciation for the fruit of the vine must be a family trait.

Ben's boggy bottom... I'll assume forgiveness.
One brother is equal parts poet and hell raiser. The other is equal parts poet and white knight. I haven't spent a lot (any) time with them in recent years so that's a guess, but I bet it's pretty close to the middle of the mark.  The poet in them both wants to grow grapes and make wine.  The hell raiser is the man child who's got the gizzard to grow them in the acidic soil of East Texas, a place not exactly known for it's hospitable pH, to say nothing of the terrible terroir, and the white knight is giving it a go, feet first, head on, swords swingin'.  I love that about them.   I also love that particular piece of earth and the wild muscadine  vines that wind through the boggy thickets down by Little Cypress.   Those vines are like the family that has lived there for four generations now. Formidable. Enduring. Still hangin' tough in the trees, no matter how many or how often they've been pulled down . If anyone could coax something potable out of that dirt, it would be someone like them.  My cousins. Our land. Thank you Musser and Papa... prickly visionaries, those two.

Bovines a la Saddle Tree.
Photo by Ben W. oenophile cowboy

I was looking for a 2005 Old Ghost Zinfandel and found it using this I thought you might like to know about it. It's google for wine.  I like that.


  1. and I you, ever always.... those wild muscadine farms boys of yours aren't too shabby either ;)

  2. I saw a really cool message board made out of wine corks. I think they were just hot glued into a frame in a neat pattern and then you can use thumbtacks to post things to it. The shower is pretty darn cool though!

  3. Lisa that's pretty much where I am at this point but ihave so many I'm looking at a cork board and a few other projects


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