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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lollypops with superpowers.

Corona Del Mar is an unabashedly quaint seaside village between Los Angeles and San Diego, California. I plan on living there, on Poppy Avenue, as soon as possible because I love the street name, and because it's three blocks from one of the area's highlights, the See's Candy Shop that's been on the corner of the Pacific Coast Highway and Narcissus Avenue since the 1940s. 
A few months ago I would rather have died than "waddled" into the place. These days I go every few weeks to pick up the most amazing lollypops and, until yesterday, three chocolates.  After eating all three, the two I bought and the free one they GIVE AWAY .oh. my. goodness....oh.. my..goodness.. um.. yes.. so three chocolates.  Too many..  One too many at least, and since I've found what I love is really and truly the marzipan in dark chocolate, why buy another when I know they're going to GIVE AWAY another..why bother? Two is plenty, though to be honest, I'd intended to give the third to my husband. Sadly, he has no sweet tooth and I have no desire to spread my chocolate consumption out over several days.  That's a project for the future, I suppose.
Yesterday, when I was in the shop getting my box of 80-calorie-last-a-long-time-make-the-sweet-tooth-go-back-to-sleep-and-stay-there-lollypops-with-superpowers, there was a thin woman in a lab coat ahead of me in line.  Now this isn't terrifically interesting except that she, and all the other thin women in the shop prove my original thesis.  She had in her beautifully manicured hand a small stack of quarters that came to $1.75. I know this because she placed them on the glass counter top and asked the chocolate clerk ( what a job..oy)  for $1.75 worth of dark chocolate covered raisins, which she was given and which she opened on the way out of the store.
This morning I put the lollypops by my front door for all to see and any to take then took my 
dog on a long walk to work off that last chocolate, the one they GAVE AWAY...*swoon..the one that inspired me to share.

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