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Saturday, March 12, 2011


     My mother blogged until she wrote a post that told us all she wasn't going to blog because she was going to find a beach somewhere.   My sister and I applauded her.  
     My sister also blogs, but not often, at least not on her personal blog, because she's too busy having a personal life.
     I'm not willing to stop blogging because this has been ..well.. if you blog you know what this has been and if you haven't, the closest thing I can think of to explain it that still doesn't even come close to it is if you could have therapy with the help of 1,966,514,816 people, the number of people who have internet access, and thus theoretically, to your blog.  I'm sure that number, supplied by the people at Internet World Access Stats has increased since June 2010
    Given that this experience has been so life altering, it makes me think that everyone should have access to it.  Look what it did for the Middle East...ok ok ok.. It's absolute chaos at the moment, but I'm hopeful because I see the internet used by people in hijab and gucci sunglasses, keffieyeh and nike t-shirts to upend old ideas that clearly do not work for the good of all mankind.   This doesn't seem like a group of people who hates the other half of the world. They seem like a group of people whose culture I'd like to learn from rather than fear.
So, I will keep blogging, and living. In fact, today, hark! I blog forth!  
And now, I go forth.

  1. I need to beat the house into submission or at the very least find all my missing socks.  My daughter has decided that socks and coat hangers are some sort of inter dimensional monetary exchange system and we'd better hope wire coat hangers are gold and socks are junk bonds. 
  2. the wife-in-law is dropping by after a hair appointment so we can start planning a girls getaway to the Central Coast Wine country.
  3. husband and I are going to watch golf.  (Well, part of us is.  you'd be amazed how good a nap can be...)
  4. husband and I may or may not go to a wine tasting at Hi-Times Wine Cellar with Toby, of Tobin James fame in the spirit of it takes a village to plan a wine trip and it was also part of our deal. If he does that, then we go to dinner at a "greasy in a good way" Mexican food restaurant and go hear some old boys play old music...not my favorite, thus the "deal", but at least I don't have to cook and it's fair, some may even say, balanced.  
peace out...

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  1. You had a mother that blogged? Wow, I'm impressed. Even if no one reads our blog, I can't give it up just yet, either. Keep it up -- I enjoy your posts.
    Why do socks go into the wash together, but never come out of the dryer together? One of the mysteries of the universe.
    A getaway, golf, wine, dinner, and music? Love the one you're with.


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