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Monday, March 28, 2011

4% perfection

96% of our universe is theoretically at least, made up of things we cannot detect. We're only pretty sure they're there because of the way they effect the 4% we can detect, you know, like trees and galaxies.  I like to think of that 96% as "Unseen good stuff"    It's there, but you have to be looking for it or you're never going to notice it working on your life because you'll be too busy noticing other things, like Mondays. (cue the fugue)
Most of the time nothing horrible happens, but let's face it, day light savings time and work becomes a lot less fun after two days of sleep and play. Today, driven by a Perfect Moments meme, I'm going to see what happens in my day, but in the tradition of "if you can't think of something nice to say, say nothing at all, I'm not going to participate with the meme because, well, 
here, read this:

 For the record, since there appear to be no perfect moments on the horizon, maybe I'll start with the bar a little lower and aim for a specimen that's easier to gather, like less disagreeable moments.  Yes. Less disagreeable moments and more coffee. 

It's from a fresh bag of French Roast.   I can do this.


  1. SO many things to this post.

    1. I keep meaning to tell you how much I love hydrangeas, and each time I pop over here I go, "ooh!'

    2. The 96-4% thingy blows my mind. Lots to think about.

    3. Love the cartoon!

    4. Mmmmmm....French Roast. My personal fave.

    I'm adding your link, if you don't mind (I can take it off, if you do.)

  2. Lavender..
    hahaha! I don't mind, and about 4% of me started to do it myself, but it didn't seem all that on point to start with "Today sucks" as a perfect moment.
    You are a delight. Thank you

  3. 96% Unseen good Stuff - love this!

    Less disagreeable moments - lol!


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