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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Newport Beach Gothic

My mail comes to a very beautiful zipcode, a blessing I never take for granted.    The man I wake up with everyday is profoundly smarter than me.  Organizations that test these things have said so.  Hell,  even I think so.  This isn't to say that my first husband wasn't smarter than me, but I didn't know it at the time and we both suffered for the oversight.
As the man I wake up with everyday, says, "It was a bad fit."

So here I sit with a man who sends me pacing in an effort not to kill him and knows the exact spot on my shoulder that has the same chemical effect as valium.     Sorry, ....the exact same.

He writes songs about my temper.
He does all the laundry.
He does the dinner dishes.
He takes me shoe shopping.
He repairs the starter on a car when the manual says don't do this at home.
He knows a defense against the Ruy Lopez opening that side steps most of the Morphy Defense
He has blue eyes
He has silver in his curly hair
He's lived on the street and with the son's of oil, wine and publishing.
He knows the art of "Yes dear"
He play classical guitar and the banjo.
He buys me champagne on Tuesdays.

I'm mean to him sometimes, particularly when I feel like I'm flying apart.      Today we leave for a trip to fix that...

Why do we work so hard to make relationships work and why do we have to?


  1. I soooo love the colors and textures in your picture!

    (The man sounds like a keeper... and not all relationships are hard)

    Answer 1: they should be worth it
    Answer 2: You don't have to do anything, but no one likes being alone in a movie theater, or in a restaurant or at the end of the day.

  2. Aha! I suspected you lived in Newport :)

    I have no idea why relationships are so dang hard. But they are. I hope your trip brings you closeness and peaceful times with your husband...

  3. Bon Voyage! After 22 years with the same man I do know that even a good relationship does require effort. And he's worth it even if he can't play the banjo. xox

  4. I could have wrtten this...seriously. My husband treats me like a queen and yet I don't treat him nearly as well. Somehow he stays with me...I don't get it either.

    Why didn't I know you live in Newport Beach? I love it there - I just don't get down there very often! Have a wonderful time!!

  5. I have absolutely no advice worth giving on this subject I'm afraid, but you do express it so well, the difficulty of it all ... I hope you're having a good time in beautiful wine country and that you bring back some pics along with a lighter heart!

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    Hope you feel rejuvenated!


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