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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Show me the money

It's a wide arc and a hard swing from "yay freakin' yay! to "shit", from love to loathe, from lotus to muddle, from "sharing is caring" to "internal revenue services".
   I made peace with a rather difficult five figure check to write and until about an hour ago, I bitterly resented it with much gnashing and grinding of clenched teeth.   Given that said teeth have paid in pain for the privilege of writing another check to the dentist,  you can imagine just how big the check was and how hard it was to write
Bitterness is not appealing, and forgive me, but the welfare system is broken and not helping. At.All. And I bitterly resent writing checks for welfare as much as I bitterly resent writing them for guns to "protect" us from each other, in case you think I'm an elitist war monger who hates people on welfare.
 Then I decided I'd happily write a 5 figure check so any child in the welfare system would have access to places like this for the price of a bus ticket, which is as hard for him to come up with as it is for me to fork over my share.
 Non judgmentally speaking: tax is and today I made peace with it all.      
Of course, right after that,  I accidentally/on purpose started a fight with my husband, who got mad, took his ball and went home. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that he's having problems with his girlfriend.  I kid you not though it's not what you think, or at least it better not be.  One day I'll explain/explode, but when I do, I'm sure I'll find the other side of that coin too.


  1. I'm sorry--you lost me at the Dentist. Now what was it you were saying :) Okay, I'll stay tuned in long enough to hear about the said girlfriend.

  2. GG,
    Sorry about the pre-April 15 rant. Trust me, as incomprehensible as it was, it felt ten times more insane. Bottom line, we're taxed to death and I had to find a way to make peace with it. A nice green space, accessible to anyone, in the middle of the city helped me do that.
    As for the girlfriend, I'll get to it once I figure it out myself.


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