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Monday, March 7, 2011

What is fun to be

  • It's fun to plan a delicious meal and to stay in the moment its preparation,
  • It's not fun to try not to think about food, to miss out on the dance of cooking a meal, glass of wine near by while sometime musical blow bluesy in the background because I'm too starved to do more than the funky chicken. It's also no fun to walk away from the table full.  Not really.
slow down

  • It's fun to look at the clock at 7:00am and feel the feminine satisfaction that comes from my own adoration in the form of softly curled hair, perfume on my pulse points and smoky moss brown shadow rimmed with ghost smudges of waxy of Egyptian kohl.
  • It's not fun to feel the need to justify why I feel better when I put my makeup on, dress well and do my hair because somehow that's "shallow" and growing arm pit hair is "deep".  Really not really. Particularly, when at 9:30am is here and I'm closer to the latter than the former and do not an any way feel empowered to do anything.
adore you where you are

  • It's fun to look at the space around me and see care.
  • It's no fun to neglect the things I care enough to bring into my life. The repeated sets of ten seconds it takes to create functional beauty isn't worth the hours of annoyance that comes with the clutter's screaming insistence that you see it all. 
create what is beautiful to you knowing it may not be beautiful to anyone else

  •  It's fun to consume life sensually, to splash in the wash of colors, textures, sounds, smells and tastes that constitute our physical existence so actively that you barely have time to blog about it all.
  • It's not fun to sleep walk though life. Not one bit...
play in it all


  1. loved this post. it's really important to appreciate what all we have and see and to enjoy the process of doing the things that really matter to us.

  2. Absolutely beautiful expressions! About makeup? Funny thing is I feel tired without it even if I don't see myself in the mirror and I always feel better dressed up a little even if no one else sees me. I'ts okay to be a girly girl, even if its just for yourself.

  3. GG,
    I'm breaking out in yay all over. There's a reason these women have been doing this for thousands of years. What we lack in biceps we more than make up for in compacts.

  4. C,
    just keep telling me that. together we all might actually internalize it so there's more having fun and less working to remember to have fun.


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