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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

They have to call them mancakes.

This really has to stop.  First there was the maple bacon donut. Then there was the chocolate covered bacon, followed by the bacon brittle episode and now it's come to the door of the sacred pancake.  I myself am a great believer in dabbling.  I'll add vanilla, sugar, orange zest, blueberries, grated apple, heck, I've even been known to add cottage cheese to pancakes ( think blintzes ) but beer? And bacon?   Maybe that's why Betty Crocker, the gal that came up with the idea, couldn't bring herself to call them pancakes. I can't say that I blame her, but...  ack...
New York Times take on Betty's dip on the dark side.


  1. That is a funny photo. What will they come up with next--I'd have to try it though-- beer is good in other breads--- bacon is good too-- together? I don't know but I'd try it (I'm hungry and waiting for lunch to be delivered as I type)

    Actually cormeal pancakes with beer/bacon and no syrup served with supper sounds better.

  2. That has merit... I just can't abide by meat in my pancakes, candy, or pastries. Why mess up a perfectly good diabetic coma?


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