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Friday, December 10, 2010

The little picture?

Gray and cool. I remember when I thought that was the most perfect climate ever conceived.  I was reading Brontë then, I'm sure.  Moors sound great when you're in Texas and it's August.  They're not as great when you're in California and it's December.  Some years I love this weather. It's the closest we get to winter.  
This isn't one of those years.   

Tara Bradford, a very gifted photographer and general bonne vivante,  has a beautiful photo she took in Nepal that she re-posted because while she was taking it, she was caught up in the larger picture and didn't notice the real story.  The picture above is my larger picture.  The smaller picture is more telling.  The smaller picture is the same world, same day, same ten minutes, same ten feet but it was examined a little closer.  It's true you shouldn't lose sight of the forest for the trees, but
the trees are nice too.


  1. The black and white picture there of the mist, that was taken from your patio, right? Or somewhere around those beautiful parts.

  2. I walked half a block down the hill toward the park and stopped at the first spot there was enough sunlight to get a decent shot of the gloom

  3. And for the record, that isn't black and white... that's how gray and dismal it's been for weeks now...


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