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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Foreign country

     I "shalt not trot out the same old schtick" so draw your own conclusions as to why this time of year wrecks havoc on dietary sanity.  As one woman put it the other day,  my recently friendly jeans are now violating my human rights and I can no longer abide the assault.
     Instead of giving in to the fat girl beating on the door, suitcase in hand,  I downloaded some e-books to get me back in the spirit of being kind to my body and I begin to read.   It's very soon after this that I came to the realization that my body is a totally foreign country to me, as in North Korea foreign.
     If you're going to a totally foreign country,  let's say, North Korea vs. a semi-foreign country like Canada, you'd do a little prep work. Right? I mean, you're sane.   Google a map of North Korea and you'll know how I feel when I look at my body.   This is going to take some serious recon.

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