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Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Real Perfect

WriteMind OpenHeart
Saturday was good.  Smoking-jacket red strawberries, grown without much molecule shifting ,farmers market goat cheese that deserves, and will get an ode unto its own, pink, barbie centered flowers from people who will bring to you what you ask, if you tell them two days in advance and tell you enough about themselves to make that happen, simple dinner, two glasses of pale salmon colored sparkling wine
Sunday was better.  Sunday, lessons were given.  Sunday, thoughts were set in motion. Sunday i was handed a piano, but it was playing my favorite Chopin piece (youtubealert...who writes music in EFlat?? )
So, yes, Sunday. Bottom sufficiently spanked to slow me down, not hard enough to stop me. More thinking needs to be done to make sure honesty/integrity/reality are maintained but/and promises to begin crafting reality with a mallet were made.  They are owed.
Turn the oven on to 350F Take 1C of nutella, 
1 egg,
enough patience to mediate the peace talks between the two.
drop spoonfuls onto something that won't become attached to the outcome.
bake for 8 minutes if you like it sticky.
bake for 10 if being shattered is more your schtick.
Then go here and thank her.

Craft your papillae around that, bay.b.
Go Slow Safety Bumbs
No Stopping Any Time
In case you too need
one of these to wear
around your neck,
go here.