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Monday, December 13, 2010

Some Mondays need The Gap Band

Ugg. (the verbal emotion, not the boots.). Monday.  
The Gap Band starts asking "why yah wanna hurt me girl?"  (youtube alert)
Banshee decides it's time to dance and brings me her "tug".
It seems a bit for a Monday, but I love my dog, so I dance.
I'm a genius.  My dog is a guru.
Much better.

If dogs can laugh, this one does.
So do I.

ding ding dong


  1. Banshee is really shaking her groove thang!

    Dancing is good for the soul and good for cleaning house-- decided to finally clean up the livingroom at 8 pm last night-- Ugh! Turned on the funk/disco channel and me and T had things picked up and swept in no time!

    Just finished chair dancing to the vid-- great little lagniappe! Here is some Gap trivia-- the band is named for the streets Greenwood, Archer and Pine in Tulsa near Cains' Ballroom the home of Western Swing. Been hearing my spouse spew forth on the T-Town music scene for 25 years-- the Gap is lecture #145--- haha, kidding but I do have them all memorized--- he needs some new stories!!

  2. If it weren't for loud music, my house would look like one of those "hoarders" houses. I have to get my "jam" on while I do chores or I won't do chores, and I had no idea about the Gap band. That is wild. I lived in Bartlesville for a while and had no idea I was so close to cool!

  3. You know it's bad when you laugh at your own posts. I listened to this song again and started laughing all over again. It's a compulsive booty shake waiting to happen.

  4. I had no idea you had lived in Barlesville-- Did you like it? Okies brag about that town alot-- we finally went there summer 2009 and had fun. I blogged about the old timey kiddie park, Woolaroc ect.

    It is a happy post-- laugh yourself silly!!

  5. I wasn't there long, not even a year, but I did like it. The people are some of the best folks there are and the city itself was interesting. My family is friends with the Japanese couple that are caretakers for Woolaroc, so though we went to their cottage often, I never saw the house. I was too young to care at that point.


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