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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kleptomania or Housekeeping

I choose  to focus on the abundance of good that exists in the belief that focusing on it will eventually result in a better outcome. It's like telling a puppy how good she is for bringing you the socks that have been left on the floor for the500th time.  Not because you want her to pick up your husbands socks for him, but because she looks so proud of herself for having brought them to you and she doesn't argue when you ask her to hand them over. She doesn't look happy about it, but she doesn't argue.   I'm not thrilled about it myself, but I'm beginning to think I should teach her to put them into the dirty clothes hamper.  


  1. No, she doesn't look happy about it. She's embarressed that you're taking this picture. She just prays you don't post it on your blog.

  2. And please correct my spelling of embarrassed and then delete this second comment. Thank you.

  3. That was the only picture I took where she looked contrite. All the others she looked like she was trying to decide if i was going to let her keep them this time.
    and re: comments. I can delete them, but I can't change them. It really is fine, but if you really want me to I will remove them

  4. L: I'm not holding my breath. It was 7:30 and J had already taken the same sock out of her mouth twice. I'm going to let them fight it out.


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