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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Non-alcoholic fizzy cocktails

In keeping with thought two and thought three while totally ignoring thought one from my Seussian post about not wanting want:
     2)there is no point to this post, nor must there be
     3)we have everything. so it's okay to have fun.  really. i promise.
For example, this little ether mote of utter ridiculousness.
Champagne cocktails for children who read Escoffier...
...or adults who do not want the empty calories, who may be driving, or who are averse to devil rum for any other reason tend to be  boring knock-offs of the real thing.  Don't get me wrong, when I fly, I ask for the can of bloody mary mix, but as I think of it, is that the best we can do when we're locked into an aluminum death tube breathing the same air as people with whooping cough? I know. I know. Safe. Safe.  Still.  Someone should tell the airline marketing department.
So yes. Thing..er.. thought 2 and thought 3.  Truisms, at least for the moment.  They're in a constant state of flux. but it's all okay, so fun should be had, alcohol or no alcohol.

a teaspoon of extremely good balsamic vinegar
(to do this right, you're going to pay four times more than think you should for vinegar)
a squeeze of fresh tangerine juice
sparkling water
twist of tangerine rind


Ginger ale and strongly brewed jasmine pearl tea
i owe you a pictures, but i drank it and an empty glass is just sad.
a piece of candied ginger


Floral syrup in sparkling water.
nada.  unless you happen to have candied rose petals, which I don't.
objects are tastier than they appear

So much for my self inflicted150 word limit  I wasn't as ready for brevity as I thought.  It hurts me.  Brevity.
Spartans, stoics, heroes, saints and gods use short and positive speech. 

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  1. Thus sayeth Ralph Waldo Emerson. Since I am none of those, I give myself a pass.


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