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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The poa annua po po

   For those of you who do not have a husband with a golf affliction, poa annua is an obnoxious weed, a bluegrass, so named for its "having dense tufts of bluish-green blades" in addition to its having "creeping rhizomes", ergo, obnoxious and weed as modifiers.  For those of you whose husbands do, go ask them about it and they'll either wax poetic or rail against its many evils,  depending on the state of their short game, but for those of you who have that husband, my suspicion is that you already know what it is.
   A block from my house, it also has its own security.  At the bottom of the hill on the street where I live, is a park where I sometimes throw the ball for my dog.  Not often, because as I've said before, she's got ADD and there have been times when my husband, taking it upon himself and his soft heart to throw the ball for her, has had to call me to come down to the park to get her back on the leash.  But yesterday, it was raining when he normally walks her so the only walk she was going to get was the one I would take with her, shorter, slower and not nearly enough to wear out ADD dog. (ADDD).    I wanted to let her run herself down a bit.  Bad idea.  The grass police were out in force.  As I am in the process of getting her back on the leash and it truly is a process, I hear,
     "Excuse me ma'am"  
      So already I'm trying to decide whether or not to be annoyed.  Ma'am? Ma'am??
     "Did you see the keep off the grass signs."
     I had, but a part of the park is a soccer field and that's where the signs were.  It's at this point, I chose to break out the Southern charm rather than point out that one sign on a soccer field does not a good barrier make, especially since every time they've ever seeded the field before, they've put a fence all the way around it AND one dog vs a soccer team? I think not....
     A long conversation ensued where my formerly ADDD who had just torn up the field.  (rolling my eyes ) sat quietly by my side and behaved.   I'll give her this, she too knows when to charm up.


  1. I and my husband have started taking golf lessons I have no clue about poa annua. of course now I know what it is.

    Well you have a smart dog :)

  2. Chandana,
    I didn't either until I met my husband, even though I love gardening. How are the golf lessons going? I tried when I first met my husband, but I am so uncoordinated and he forgets he's been playing for twenty years.
    As to the dog, she is very smart. Too smart sometimes!

  3. Did your Southern Charm work? A box of golf clubs unexpectedly showed up at my front door. Now, do I add golf lessons to my bucket list?

  4. GG,
    It depends on what you mean by worked. I didn't get a ticket, not that these two had that kind of authority, but one of them left still grumpy. So by my definition, it was only 50% effective. I'm inclined to blame by grungy sweat pants and middle age rather than Southern Charm. Had I been wearing a mini skirt and been 23, I suspect Grumpkins would have been more amiable. Call me a cynic


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