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Thursday, August 19, 2010

You will fly and you will also smash your face into something ugly and hard…

Some days, you're the grilled artichoke master, with Grasshopper taking notes on all your "life moves". Other days, you hope Grasshopper isn't watching you take the burned corn bread out of the oven.  
"Today is remarkable, so far, and I insist that caveat be recorded for posterity.” she says as she picks gravel out of her teeth, hair, knees, elbows and other crannies which shall remain nameless in an effort to rally her dignity, a monumental victory of will considering that she is, at this very moment, reminded of another moment,  years ago when she’d just figured out that she had traveled to a front row with toilet paper draped out over her waist band, down to the back of her knees.  True story and in first person, as if any one would make something like that up.  ( For those of you among you who are at this moment, cringing,  I cite something Churchill may or may not have said on the subject of preposition placement and move on. )   I’m also, first person, patting myself on the back for stopping sooner rather than later.   That I believe is the lesson to be learned  Get over it.  All of it.
I have spent a few days moving away from what I know to be the source of my happiness, which is an ego salvaging way of saying that I have been using Nutella as a schmear for raw cookie dough.  Good, and not so good. More not so good than good, but  I have forgiven myself, turned around and am flying away from the asphalt.  That's what makes it so remarkable, the forgiveness/180 bit.  It ain’t all pretty, but it’s all there…. ( Churchill people… Churchill. )  

FYI: filed under, "The Universe has a sense of humor." folder, that corn bread was good.  Grilled Roasted Ears of Corn, good.

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  1. Grasshopper here. LAUGHING. AT YOU!
    But the Nutella schmear sounds down right goood.
    And well-done cornbread is still good as long as there's buttah. Love you!


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