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Friday, August 13, 2010

Much too much.

I’m on point. I’m losing weight, but I really only know this because I can sit down AND breathe simultaneously in my fat jeans now. That wasn’t the case a month ago. Come to think of it, neither was true. Standing yes. Sitting or breathing, no but I could also lie down on the bed. In fact I had to or my fat jeans weren't gonna get zipped. So, yeah. we have progress. You'll notice I didn’t say I could breath deeply or sit comfortably. We ain’t there yet so breakfast still looks like this:

I’m exercising. Not that I’d want anyone to see me doing it, because I'm either flopping and wheezing or doing yoga and there are some, if not most, (all ) people for whom downward facing dog ( google it if you're lost ) is just not polite. It may not even be legal and if it is, it really shouldn’t be. Seriously, if it’s illegal to drink a glass of wine in the park, offering your buttocks and so so very much more up for the world’s viewing pleasure while wearing yoga pants should not be tolerated.
So, let us assess, ( no pun intended ):
Losing weight? Check.
Exercising? Check, with consideration for you, the public, and you’re welcome.
Controlling intake? Ah… the killer, or at least it used to be because once food, my body and I reached détente that all went away and I'm not letting it come back. I'm done beating myself up for giving myself over to edible joys from time to time. A food diary is either boring or depressing, but I want to make a point so I’m going to outline my daily intake on Wednesday.

Protein shake with fresh blueberries
Green tea with lemon

  • Cheese quesadillas. Plural. They were small, but there were still a couple of them made with real cheese, not that plastic kind with no fat and less flavor. Dang they were good. They’d better have been. They were real shiney, which as you may know is never a good thing calorically speaking.
  • An avocado. I know.. an.. not a ½ or even better ¼, Nope. An…
  • Fat free greek yogurt, and yes, I do realize that’s exactly like ordering a diet soda with your gigunda burger combo, number 7 extra mayo please, and do you have cheese fries?.
  • Chopped tomato ( gotta work a salad in there some how )
  • Green tea, no lemon, because, you know, I'm watching what I eat. *cough
  • Field green salad with chopped tomatoes a few pine nuts and granny smith apples
  • Lemon juice, salt and pepper dressing
  • ¾ of a bottle of a lil’ somthin’ somthin’ made by means of a lil somthin somthin called méthode champenoise. aka Bubb. Ly. Veuve Clicquot. It doesn't even matter what it was because my favorite sparkling wine is domestic and less than $15.00 a bottle ( Gloria Ferrer ) and I don't do it that often, but hominy doesn't Veuve Clicquot just tango ( hi Les ;) off your tongue?
uhYep…three-quarters of a bottle. I know this because my dinner date and I ordered a bottle and shared it. Then the very helpful waitress, noticing the empty bottle and our sad faces, felt it might lift our mood if she told us that they had half bottles and asked if we would like very much to have one, and we said, yes, we would like very much to have one. Did I mention how felphul *hic she was?

Now in case it has escaped your notice, that was a day of some excessive excess but I enjoyed every single calorie that danced with at least four of my senses. I forgot to listen to the bubbles popping or it would have been all five.. I have no guilt. I do not care. I look back on Wednesday with fondness and delight. It was a party and I was the only one who knew. I like that very much, and will do it again, but today’s intake looks much more typical for me these days:

Kale, Wheat grass, Dandeion, Ginger and Pear protein drink. It’s better than it sounds, but in all honesty, not a lot. It's breakfast and it keeps me from eating things that will make me feel bad for lunch.

Tofu lettuce wraps with, water chestnuts mint, cilantro, thai basil and sirachi ( ditto the tastes better than it sounds )

Snack: Coconut Chai Tea Almond Milk Latte

Dinner: I haven’t decided on dinner yet, but it will not include ¾ of a bottle of champagne. If I do have a glass of wine, it’s going to be box wine and I’ll only do that if I think my liver is getting uppity. And fyi, if you ever find yourself with left over wheat grass, your dog is all to willing to help, at least mine is.


  1. I thought it appropriate to add here that this morning I DID in fact weigh and in three weeks of mindful eating, which has included a few par'tays, I have lost 10lbs. Told ya so.

  2. ..and fyi 219. Still a lot, but less a lot than it was.

  3. Congrats! I'm a big believer in mindful eating and exercise/activity-- I try to tell hubby this but he is always looking for a special diet (mumbojumbo) instead of just doing the right thing--- he says I don't understand--- but to me it is a lot easier and more permanent to just do the right thing instead of a weird diet with lots of difficult rules.

    I think your splurgy day sounds like mindful eating-- should be about the right daily intake for a woman except for the bubbly. I rarely drink wine but when I stopped drinking my favorite juices the pounds fell off. I had read an article that daily drinking juices, pop, alcohol ect adds twenty pounds--- I hadn't realised I was drinking so many calories. I bet lots of people don't realise.

  4. Lesa: I laughed when I read that your husband told you that you don't get it because I used to say the very same thing to my husband. The truth is, I didn't get it. Now, I got it. Keeping it is the focus of this little textual exercise.

  5. Bueno. I like quesadillas muuucho!. The shinier the better. All crisp on the outside and oooey gooey on the outside..mmm, with ice cold tomatoes and chunks of avocados....
    You wanna know something I absolutely LOVE. It's horrible...BUT...get some bean or mushroom tamales, zap 'em in the microwave for a few seconds and then fry them in butter....Ohhh, THAT'S good. They gotta get all crispy on the outside. Then add chunks of avocado and tomato and some Albert's hot sauce on top. And an ice cold beer with lime....THE. BEST.

  6. I'm sorry. What were we talking about??

  7. BTW, not sure if I suggested this (memory's already failing) but you might check out the series by Celestine Hitiura Vaite - Breadfruit, Frangipani, and Tiare. I loved these 3 books. They take place in Tahiti and really take you there. Frangipani is about the relationship between the main character and her daughter. I was disappointed when they ended.

  8. *sigh.. I miss Alberts. There's just no substitute and you can't get it in Ca. The tamale thing sounds out of this world and I'll download the books ASAP. I just finished a Sci/Fi series and need a new diversion.


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