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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday thoughts-May Days

Wild strawberry has 35,000 genesIn a study published in the journal Nature Genetics several Sundays ago, Dan Sargent and an international team of researchers found that the wild strawberry genome has around 35,000 genes, about one and a half times the number that humans have, and most of these will also be in cultivated varieties, they said.  The bad news is that you're only 75% more interesting than a piece of fruit.
The good news is, this suggests you're very compatible with champagne...


  1. This post has just been forwarded to half a zillion people.
    I already knew that wild strawberries are More interesting than half the people I meet, just needed scientific proof :)

  2. Jimmy,
    It makes me feel so much better about my predilection for all things methode champenoise, to say nothing of how I feel about chantilly cream. Actually, nevermind, I'm over the latter. The former is still the object of my abject adoration.


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