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Thursday, January 6, 2011

temporary? bliss

  • a good gumbo
  • Louis and Ella singing april in paris
  • a glass of Shiraz
  • a cool and dry California winter's evening, spent with friends
  • a nice long soak in a hot bathtub filled with girly scented soaking sauce
  • insomnia.  It's aways fun to watch the digits on the clock change.  12:34a.m. and 1:23a.m. aren't too bad. It's coming up on 2:34 and it's not quite as fun. I doubt tomorrow, er, today will be much fun either.  Power nap under the desk?


  1. Haha...I watched the digits lately too!
    Dang this jet lag!! I feel like taking down comforter to me office~

  2. The jet lag body clock conflict is brutal. it's noon and I'm looking at my hobo bag with the intention of plumping it into a makeshift pillow...

  3. I didn't watch the digits getting back to work this week but I do hate when that happens-- my sleep was so restless and my dreams so crazy and active it felt like I was awake all night-- so guess I might as well have been watching the clock.

  4. I'd rather be wide awake watching the clock than have to fight all night. That's what it sounds like you've been doing. Weird. The collective consciousness is restless :P


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