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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Six words of wisdom. Five if you use contractions.

"Sometimes, it's just for you."

This morning, I heard Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong sing, "You're never satisfied until you break my heart" on a local jazz station.  I wanted to download it, or embed it or give it to you in some way.  After many many bits of time spent looking to do that, it dawned on me it was a gift from the Universe to me.   Sometimes you're given.
Rule No. 9: Let people do nice things for you.
All sorts of people. Even the jazz radio d.j. who got stuck with the crack of dawn,  last day of a holiday weekend shift when no one but the people who run out of food for their dogs and cream for their coffee get to hear.
Rule no. 4 Thank you.  No buts.  
Find that song if you can, but paired with a glass of wine the following will make a rainy day before you have to get back on your head to answer the call of the "wilder" database much more bearable.  
Nina Simone and her exquisitely fatty homage to Johann Sebastian Bach. 
Just for you.

this week, aspire to see what was just for you.
look for it.  it is there.
and if you let it be, it's loud.

p.p.  thank you, Chuck, no buts.  

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