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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

random pacts of bindness

Post 1:
Totally serious deadpan decided it was going out across the ether, as is, commando:

i have a sewing machine
i hate to sew.
the beautiful bleached white linen panels that hang accusingly unseamed unsung and unsewed won't leave me be.

i will give you my "professional" sewing machine
which may or may not work after five years of neglect. (would you cooperate with  someone who put you in a closet for five years?)
to keep for your very own
for all of time
if you fix this for me.
 wandering?wondering?whining..just a pinch 

Wholly resigned, pretty reluctant and resentful..just a pinch

thank you for raising your eyebrow when i asked you to do something i could do myself.  come get your sewing machine. well, not right now, i have to finish these curtains, but yes, after I finish these damn curtains, I'm giving you my sewing machine, but you have to tell me why you like to sew and how you get through it without a margarita, so I guess the real question is "Why don't you hate sewing?"
much closer to salient.

Post 3:
Clueless, cross and ..well, that about covers it.
Someone tell me what to do..

P1p.s.  i'm serious but you have to live close enough to "do lunch" aka, the sewing machine handoff and you'd have to answer the question in Post2.
P2p.s.:  it would be greatly appreciated if you explain what happens when people "follow" your blog as in "yes I am your follower. Count me!"  vs. follow as in "this is interesting.  i'll check back" or "sweet niblets this girl's a trainwreck. i'm not about to admit reading this stuff"

P3p.s. i kid. i know what to do. "shut up and/or do it."
if none of that makes sense,
i hate my curtains
yeah.  this one gets posted


  1. sewing curtains is easy for me, straight line, but sanity is worth its weight in gold. go buy some curtains and stick the machine back in the closet. it doesn't make you happy so why push? and drink another margarita while you are at it!

  2. Sewing? what's that? I a disaster in anything domestic. Don't know how I managed to be a SAHW for the last 2 years!!!

    Thanks for dropping by and saying hi. Keep in tuch :)and I promise to help you with your sewing lol.

  3. Christi,
    This doesn't surprise me. You strike me as one of those determined women who doesn't let a monste..er sorry a sewing machine intimidate them. I'm going to just suck it up and make it happen. the big hand up has been the trim i want to use. i've seen it ONCE and didn't buy it.. stupid stupid. it was fringe of tiny shells. peta wouldn't approve but they don't like my leather boots either ;)

  4. C,
    You and me both, girl. I do cook, but not if I can get someone else to do it for me. I'm still crossing my fingers that someone who knows someone who IS a seamstress will wander by.
    the eternal optimist/delusional diva

  5. Sewing machine??? I bought one about a year ago to make outside cushions... I hated that thing and came to call it the torture machine! Visiting from ICWL#64

  6. Hilary,
    It's not looking good for my curtains. It seems no one likes to sew, margaritas not withstanding.
    I'm seriously, if someone abashedly, thinking about fabric glue. The shame. The horrible shame.
    While I'm at it this confession thing, I've recently used a cake mix.


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