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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My new boyfriend is a bucket seat from Knight Rider.

   He's all in.cog.nito though, masquerading as a chair massager, as in a massager you strap to a chair vs. a masseuse for your chair.   He even has his own remote, though it's attached to him, so I don't guess you really should call it a remote.  A clicker thingie? High tech stuff. He a geek with a solution to a problem. Love those.
   Field experience for the people who use pain and suffering to get "good intel":

  1. Gather up all the people who want to blow us up when we're trying to go to Grandma's house for turkey or to work in the morning.
  2. Have them sit in a straight backed chair at a computer from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon, and make them start write a book after 5 o'clock. Three pages a day is a good goal.  It will stress them.
  3. Ten years into the computer thing and a year into the book phase, make them blog whenever they're not engaged in one biological function or another.  It will take a while, but they will tell you anything you want to know if you tell them you'll let them lie on their backs for a while, or at least I will.  What do you want to know? 

my husband got me this thing a few months ago. I've kept it in the closet, because,.... well, look at it.  It is navy blue polyester leisure suit unattractive.  In fact, dare I say, it's the cure for decorous.

Never the less, ahm, in luv.   

Between writing, database administering, and planning my take over of the world,  I spend a lot of time abusing my back.   My new boyfriend is helping me with this as well as some of my intimacy issues. He has a heat button...
If you want one of your own Sharper Image, but I'll  you if you buy it from here.  Oh nevermind, I'll
♥ you anyway, but he's good and I'm willing to share.


  1. I love those things-- I try one out any time I see it in a store-- me and all the kiddies.

  2. Really? wow.. I am the last to know. I'd never even seriously thought about one until Jim brought it home and obviously I didn't do the happy dance then but I'll tell you what, I'm chorus girl, now


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