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Friday, September 17, 2010

Why I cannot "do" Danish modern or Swedish modern for that matter..

Ikea.    I think I've made my point.
 Maybe seeing all that minimal furniture in such a maximal place is like seeing wild animals in cages.   It's just wrong and something deep within my psyche tells me it should not be. I have collected much empirical data to prove that Ikea will trigger panic attacks.  Never mind how I got it, just know that it's reliable.  In the interest of full disclosure, the pretend lawyers, you know, there is no scientific method that will help you get out of Ikea when you're under duress. Mob mentality is a much better bet, even if it's a mob of one.      Something like this:
Frightened Child: "Mommy, why is that crazed woman knocking down all the Årstids and Sniög and jumping over the Ektorps and Klobos?" ( on sale for $149.00 at Ikea's website )
Reassuring mother: "Don't point. It will just get her more excited."
To the crazed woman knocking down lamps, clearing sofa and loveseats ( good price on that by the way ) reassuring mother says,
Crazed woman: ""  Wasn't printable.

Where was I?  Oh, yes..  This blog.  The blog's design is fluffy, frilly, baroque, and bordering on an anathema to my personal style, but is there to make the point to myself, in an almost obnoxious way, that there is no such thing as shortage.   Greed we have, which comes from the mistaken belief that we have shortage.  Share.

Enough preaching... when I win the lottery or some of my, as yet unknown, crazy relatives leave me enough money, I'm going to fly the people of Tracery Interiors out to the west coast to live in my beach house until they finish remodeling it.  And it is not an ego thing.   Just look at what they do.... *happy place sounds    

soft modern I can do...


  1. I have tried to like Ikea. I hate it. Absolutely hate it. The only thing I own from there are some funky ice cube trays. Which I never use. My babies have all teethed on them.

  2. I think I found some plain cheap drinking glasses in there once, but yeah. no. it seems like it's all such a good idea.. for someone else.


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