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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The meal, the music and the aftermath

The meal
 Despite my mental meandering until the very last minute, it all came off without a hitch.  I did have to sing, but by the time that had happened I'd had enough sparkling wine I cared less than I otherwise would have.
Singing in the car or the shower is one thing, singing for music professionals is another, but it helps the cause, my husbands love of and talent for song writing.
Other than quite a few missed beats, some notes that didn't quite reach their musical potential ( mine ) and the aftermath, it was a success.  This morning when I got up, I went back to dreaded breakfast but as a reward to myself for not having gone on strike with my husband or postal with the grocer and not over indulging too much, I plan on hitting the knit shop this afternoon. I'm thinking Alpaca pot holders?

The Music 

The aftermath


  1. It sounds great. What's epsecially great is that you didn't let fear or self-consciousness (sp?) win! You'd always regret it, you know? And whoever listened to you not only enjoyed your singing but marvelled at your grit!

  2. You're so right and it makes such a big difference when you can laugh at yourself. I was giving myself plenty of reasons to laugh.

  3. Use the china! Use the crystal! I use Musser's damask table clothes.

  4. I do. I truly. Do. Do. In fact, that's really what this post was about. How do you find a way in your daily life to use these things? I'd used them for juice, but those we buy in bulk at gigundamart so my Hubs can help do the dishes with abandon.


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