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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Juliet's jar and a bovine's baby

conflicted comes in brown
To shop, or not to shop.  I know. I know. Wrong play, but it's the right question.   I have too many "things" as it is.  Except for a brown purse.  I mean, I have three brown purses, but they're not the brown purse that I want so I need another brown purse.
No, I don't, I tell myself, and I put another twenty in the Juliet jar..
I would like to put the cost of the brown purse I do want into the Juliet jar, but I don't have $428.00US  for the jar or the purse.  If I did, I wouldn't write about it here, because as much as I love nice things, there are people who are hungry and who are scared and not only do I not need this very lovely Marc Jacobs purse, ( sorry PETA and cows, it is very lovely, until I think about it in reference to the calves my cousin Ben is raising..."Does this come in PVC? Shouldn't someone ask Marc Jacobs to do something in hemp? That will buy how many sacks of wheat? He'll have to work HOW many MONTHS??  Oh, wow. I need to stop." )
Do I want the kind of karma that comes with this purse and its still very lovely logo plate charm?  I'd  have to be a  peace ambassador or volunteer to work in a third world country for six months a year to offset it but yeah, I think I could do it in that case, until I think about Ben's babies again.  Damnit.
Ben's baby

I may change my mind. I may forget.  In fact, I know I'll forget something, otherwise I wouldn't still be here but at this very moment I can't see that this baby needs an adjustable shoulder straps or the pentagonal brass patches to anchor them.  Maybe if I back my way out slowly.  This recycled canvas bag from My Sparrow is quite nice and only the handles are leather...

Maybe if I just try to remember the calf comes in more colors than the handbag....


  1. Just imagine the espressos you will drink with that $428. Or with the $20 for the copy you bought at Marshalls...you don't need another bag, even though it's a different one.
    You could take a gondola ride, buy some glass baubles, or buy a fantastic painting from a street artist...

  2. Exactly...and you've segue way'd into my next post.. stuff I'm gonna buy in It'ly! Small things.. inexpensive things. Like hand towels and glass bracelets that will inevitably get broken.. such is life. You're a genius. We could be related. We should be related.


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